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    Luck is when preparation meets oppurtunity.

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    To follow on Knp’s post.   I’ve seen games where Japan left China, moved heavy into Russia from 2 angles,(the north and just south of Mongolia) and helped in a 1-2-3 on Moscow and won the game!

    Again, Axis win by either VC’s on the Europe board or Pacific board.  If you plan on winnning in the pacific, then you should NOT retreat from China.  If you plan on winning in Europe then by all means evacuate the Pacific and drive hard on Moscow.  Your fleet can move to the Indian ocean to drop their ipcs.

    Yes, based upon your chosen strategy you can employ a full Russian headlong charge, and drive through China without really bothering to deal with the Chinese units, this is certainly a viable tactic and it’s worked for me a few times.

    My biggest problem is the overreaching comments that makes one strategy “THE” strategy that MUST be employed, which is what too many people on here keep trying to do.  This game is too vast to create a one-size-fits-all strategy that will work for you most of the time - that’s foolish.  The best players will change their tactics each game and keep the enemy guessing.  If they’ve seen you do strategy X five times in a row, then they should learn and adapt and crush you next time.  There is NO strategy that works better than 50% of the time, in my opinion, so achieving success more than 50% of the time requires creative and varied strategies.

    You will not be good at this game if you continually do the same thing every time you play the game - that worked and worked well with other versions of A&A, but not this one.  I recommend developing 3-5 different strategies that are viable, and changing up your approach each time.  Keep your enemy guessing, it’ll be your best advantage.  Nothing more fun than a G6/G7 Sealion that went totally unnoticed in planning until you plop down the transports with money you’ve saved for a round and a half.

    Be flexible, watch the board, and don’t try to SEVERELY over-analyze things.  When I see comments like “You need at least 144 IPCs worth of units to successfully accomplish X” I laugh out loud.

    Good hunting.

    Yeah, that’s one of the things I love about Global.  My brother doesn’t like it because it has an element of luck (the dice), but I think that’s what helps to define a good player.  With no luck involved a player can just pick a strategy at the beginning and follow through with little or no deviation.  With the dice that A&A adds, a player can demonstrate true strategy by reacting to those unexpected losses and seizing the opportunity in those unexpected victories.  And with the complexity and distance Global adds there isn’t a surefire great strategy that should be at least attempted every game.

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    There is no ONE strategy.  If your enemy refuse to defend DC, then KAF is my strategy.  If you build as much as you can in S. Africa, Sea Lion is my strategy.

  • but there’s 1 thing i don’t get
    someone said india has to be taken to minimalize its defences
    why don’t you just block india itself?
    they’ll get max an inf (west india + burma) a round
    for 1 inf a round extra, i’d use all avaible land units and kill china. usually when holding yunnan and combining north forces you could do the trick
    i usually use just 2 land units from japan to kill it (stacking yunnan)
    but i’m not sure if i’d use the thai forces aswell

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    If you plan to be able to win with Japan, you will most likely need India to get enough Victory Cities.  Therefore, it is in your best interest to do so before they have turns to build up.  The same is true for Australia.  The difference really is that India has a major complex and thus can build up much faster than India can.  It is not rare to see India with 20-30 infantry around turn 5 or 6.  However, by turn 2 or 3 they have half that and are much easier to knock down.

  • Almost every Stat. works when you roll real good dice it’s when they dont go your way and you have to change because your winning game just turned into a losing game
      the forum is good because you can see a wider range of strat.'s
      I would go with the 3 subs to a BB purchase, also the Carrier and planes sounds good

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