Kaf game

  • Hey everybody
    i`m new here and first i want to thank you for lots of inspiration for my strategies!

    in my last game as axis, we wanted to kick out america first. i hope you can tell me what you think was good or not so good 🙂

    germany started with typical moves like france and sinking the british navy. most of the luftwaffe was destroyed and the battleship in the canal survived but he lost 3 fighters. i bought an ac, sub and des. the italian navy has been destroyed but also the brits lost all figthers and ships n the Mediterranean except of one. germany bought an ac, sub and a des.
    like we hoped, england was afraid of sealion. next turn i bought 9 transports and killed the rest of the british navy. italy moved towards egypt and claimed gibraltar. also i moved all italian ships into the atlantic side of gibraltar.
    turn 3 the german navy moved to gibraltar and so they were in strikining position to hit washington. on the mainland i bougt land units and prepared for the russian bear. uk build land units as they excepted sealion.

    japan was quite harder to hide their attentions to attack the west coast. they build till turn 3 7 transports and two ac.
    the land units attacked china as much as they could. turn 2 the whole fleet gathered at japan and turn 3 they all moved into the seazone next to alaska, so there was no chance to block them.

    us mainly build into the pacific but also an ac into the atlantic. turn 3 they build 9 land units because then they knew we were going for them.
    the us and the japanese fleet were nearly the same with a little overweight for the japanese. but then something happened what i didnt excepted and i think this was the perfect counter for kaf. he moved the us fleet in turn 3 to seazone 89 instead of defending the west coast. also he moved the atlantic fleet (ac and cruiser i think) into sz 102 to block the germans. the italian fleet wasn`t stong enough to clear the zone so germany had to land in turn 4 in quebec.
    japan took the west coast without any problems.
    us kicked the german forces out of canada with everything the had and the russian bear attacked german territories with not that much to defend. in the following turns, central us was taken by japan but always an american counterattack took it back.
    in fact us was taken out of the game like we wanted, but without the income from washington germany wasnt able to counter the russian forces. in turn 7 or 8 we surrendered because there was no chance of winning the game.

    so what do you think about the strategy/game?
    if you need any further informations, just ask

  • I think it was a great one-time move, and you happened to have an opponent who used blockers well at a critical time. Experienced players would see this happening, and the potential for it, as it unfolded, so it would best be used against inexperienced foes.

    A nice idea! After all, it was your war. It’s good to try unconventional things and see how they go.

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