• A while back I posted an enhanced realism rule set based widely on this web board and much of you users’ intuition and hard work, but regrettably I have neglected to give credit to those responsible for many of the original ideas in the rule set as I had no intentions of sharing it at all. As I get closer to a finished product I can’t help but admire it. I feel that you all deserve the credit due to you. I have attached links of what I (and you) have completed thus far. You should know that the rule set would work very well with the upcoming FMG combat units, although you may still need to find several pieces from various locations. I would appreciate your e-mails and replies regarding what rules were from who (with a link supporting that claim), and I will make that a part of the set.
    You can find miniatures for this rule set at historicalboardgaming.com, Heroics and Ros, Scale Specialties, FMG, and boardgamegeek.com users.
    Now I have taken a look at several forums for the ever sought ‘event cards’ and much to my dismay, have found virtually nil or at least there was no reply to my inquiries. I have come up with my own entirely! Now they are not ready for printing as I would greatly like your input. 
    This is the Event Cards’ Rules:
    There are four types of cards: Mission, Event, Command, and Combat. Players may not have more than five cards in their hand at any time and no more than two of any one type. Cards cost 1IPC each. When purchased, player may draw two cards and discard one. Each purchase is done separately from the next. When last card is drawn, shuffle the discard pile back into draw deck. Each draw deck is to have its own discard pile. There are forty cards in each deck. All cards are to be discarded after use, unless otherwise instructed. Each player begins the game with one of each card; selecting them as per normal. Germany begins drawing cards, then Russia, etc. Once all players have one of each card, the game begins.

    Here is the link to the EVENT CARD information:

    Here is everything else I (we) have done up until now:
    Official House Rules (we):
    Ammo Markers for Rocket Projectiles Tech (me):
    Allied Naval Mines (free clip art):
    Axis Naval Mines (free clip art):
    Marshalling Cards I put together (just flags/roundels with numbers):
    The respected marshalling roundels, generals and admirals.

    My group and I are still working on this; you’ll have to forgive the house rules for now. It’s still being play tested (especially the dog fight). I would appreciate any feedback, especially on the event cards.


    EDIT: Changed the event cards and rules from .docx to .doc sorry about that.

  • No feedback?

  • couldn’t fig how to down load your event cards. we have some justed wanted to see what you had.

  • Changed the event cards and rules from .docx to .doc sorry about that.

  • I have done a topic about my event cards a couple of month ago.
    I’ve had a lot of good comment and messages.
    More than 15 differents members ask for my cards. I’ve been realy surprised.

    By the way, I would like to see you event cards but I have no acces.

  • You can’t open the .doc file? Or you can’t download it?
    Could you post a link to your discussion?

  • You can’t open the .doc file? Or you can’t download it?
    Could you post a link to your discussion?

    I can’t download it.
    I don’t know how to popst a link.sorry

  • This link
    I just downloaded it from a different computer and it works. Give me your E-mail and I’ll mail it to you if you still can’t download it.

  • It will be better if you use my PM.
    Take a look in my profile.

  • I like very much what you have done here.  It matches very closely to what I needed in player aids.  Alot of your house rules come very close to mine with slight differences.  I don’t have mine all typed up yet as pretty as yours, but still working on them.  I appreciate what you have done here… I think it will save me tons of work that I had ahead of me (I’ve got tons invested already so I know very well what you have done to get this far).

    We will be testing alot of what you have here, but I’m not sure how long that will take.  Thanks again…  I don’t feel so alone, lol.

  • I have worked up an Event Cards chart, combining a standard 52 card deck with a cross-referenced chart for the following A&A games:  Classic, Revised(2004), First Edition Pacific, and First Edition Europe.  We have been playtesting them for several years now. For added realism, I use for the card deck a set of WW2 Aircraft Recognition cards, but an standard deck can be used.  The events cover weather, technological improvements, production improvements, and one-time bonuses/windfalls.  All are based on actual WW2 data and history.  I anticipate selling the set through Historical Board Games along with my 6-player expansion rules for First Edition Pacific.

    To use the deck, each player draws a card at the beginning of his turn, and the effects are checked and noted.  Technology changes take effect immediately, and may be shared with any allies, is so noted on the chart.  Weather effects take effect immediately, and last until the next turn of the drawing player.  Production improvements and one time bonuses/windfalls take effect at the end of the players turn.  Separate charts exist for the Allied and Axis player, and obviously, if an Axis player draws a card, that effect is denied to the Allied player.  The Random Events have worked well in playtesting, and so far, both the Axis and the Allies have appeared to benefit equally.

    I am working on adding Italy to the first edition Europe game, so I will need to revise the Europe chart to add Italy to it, and that will result in two separate charts for the Axis for Europe, and eventually Classic and Revised as well, along with the Global Rules that I am working on.

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