• I have been glancing through the boards looking for a good article on KJF (Kill Japan First) in 42, without finding that golden recipe.

    As I see it it is possible to perform an opening something like this:

    Buy 3 inf 3 arm
    hit WR maybe Ukraine
    2 inf to sinkiang
    Stack Bury with 6 inf
    Place 3 armor in Cauc

    IC in India
    Kill Jap Transp with carrier
    Consider hitting FIC instead of Egypt (If FIC attack fails badly IC could be placed in SA)
    Get some air to cauc to clear the med and help in asia

    Well depends on results - Pacific navy builds
    Sinkiang IC

    The goal is to push Japan of the mainland and for US navy to land in east indies+Borneo and setup ICs and pin the Japan navy.
    Doing this, while the russian front holds against Germany, means that the Allies will be cruising towards IPC dominance and an easy win.

    I realize that this is not an optimal strategy - the counter is simply for Germany to push hard towards Moscow and quickly USSR will be in big trouble. But sometimes it is just fun to try some other variations to a standard KGF stalemate.

    Does any of the more experienced players have better tactics for implementing a KJF strategy?

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