Global 1942 Scenario

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    Soviet Union:

    USA: China/ ANZAC


    This uses all the Alpha rules except as follows:

    1. On the first turn all Allied Naval and Air units defend at ONE. Land units fight normally.

    2)The Japanese may attack the Soviets only by announcing one turn before this intention. The Soviets can attack japan only if all Soviet territory’s are under Soviet control.

    1. The new turn order: Soviet Union, Axis, Allies

    2. Lend Lease: The US or UK player can send income to the Soviet Union. Procedure: Buy a transport(s) and place it off board in a Lend lease Box. These transports can’t be used for any other purpose and the Allied player can just exchange them back to IPC’s as he wishes. Roll one D6 for each transport and place the IPC’s under the transports in the holding box. This money is deducted from a players treasury and the Lend Lease can never exceed a total of 30 IPC’s

    Interdiction: Any axis Submarine, Plane, or Surface ship located in open sea ( not Baltic, Black, Mediterranean) can deduct 2 IPC each from this total. If they are located in a convoy box, they can cost 3 IPC each from this total.

    1. Minor Axis Allies: Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary have unique forces ( use German pieces) these automatically join the axis on turn 2. They can freely move on that turn and Germany can move into them or build units ( Romania).

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