Looking for Live Gamers in Central Illinois

  • Hello, I’m trying to find players for a live game in Central Illinois. I’m in Peoria and I have Classic, Anniversary, and Global 40. I have a friend I play with and I think I found a couple of interested people but our skill levels vary so we’re open to anyone.

  • Hello!!!  My son and I live in Clinton, IL.  Just recently bought both halves of 1940 A&A.  My work schedule is pretty hit and miss, so I’m just seeing if there’s still some interest out there.

  • yep, facebook Springfield Il Axis and Allies Board Gamers, I live in Springfield, and have man cave for hosting.  Also possibility meeting at gaming store…might be more appropriate  😐  Anyway, hope to hear from you guys soon.

  • Hey guys. Sorry but I recently moved to the Kansas City area but I still have family in Central Illinois so i should be back periodically. I’ll post here if I have some time. To the person in Clinton, do you work at the power plant?

  • Hello again!!!  Just found your note.  Sorry, haven’t checked the website in a while.  Yep, I work at CPS east of town.

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