In the same territory,can both Ics and bases be bombed in one bombing run?

  • When strategic bombing, can you asign bombers to each bases or Ic?

  • They’d have to be separate (meaning different interceptors and bombers for each).

  • So when bombing, the player would announce which fighters and bombers were attacking each individual facility ? Thank you for the clarification.

  • Official Q&A

    Not exactly.  To bomb multiple facilities in one territory, you send all of the bombers and escorts into the territory together.  If the defender sends up interceptors, there is one air battle for the territory.  After the air battle is over, any surviving bombers are split into groups and assigned to bomb individual facilities.  The AA fire and bombing are then resolved for each group.

  • Thank you Krieg. Iam getting some friends together to play our first global game. I have read the rules and alpha updates. The bombing was the last clarification I needed before we play . Thank again for the rules clarification.

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