• The player needs to survive as many rounds, or waves, of American soldiers landing as possible.

    Map: Juno 3 The word Juno should be in the northeast corner. You can find the map if you type in axisandallies and then a dot and then com. Then go to downloads.

    German setup is anywhere on the beach or shellholes.
    Wehrmacht Veteran Infantry

    I will show the American setup in the next post.

    Each round ends when all the Americans are killed. There is 1 turn in between rounds.
    Some Americans will be swimming. When swimming, they must take the most direct route to the beach. The Americans will swim unless you have a Higgins boat. Units that are swimming cannot attack, the defense is halved, and die if they get disrupted.

  • American units
    While setting up, roll a die. 1 is the highest hex, 2 is the next highest, and so on. There is unlimited stacking in water.
    Round 1
    M1 Garand
    Round 2
    M1 Garand (2)
    Round 3
    M1 Garand (3)
    Round 4
    M1 Garand (5)
    Round 5
    M1 Garand (7)
    Round 6
    M1 Garand (11)
    Round 7
    M1 Garand (12)
    Round 8
    M1 Garand (13)
    Round 9
    M1 Garand (15)
    Round 10
    M1 Garand (15)
    Red Devil Cpt.
    Round 11
    M1 Garand (20)
    Bazooka (3)
    Higgins Boat
    Red Devil Cpt.
    Round 12
    M1 Garand (21)
    Red Devil Cpt. (7)
    M1 Garand (35)
    red Devil Cpt (9)
    M2 Garand (40)
    Red Devil Cpt (10)
    Bazooka (5)
    Sherman DD
    Higgins Boat

  • 15
    M1 Garand (42)
    Red Devil Cpt (11)
    Bazooka (eight)
    Sherman DD (3)
    Higgins Boat
    M1 Garand (45)
    Red Devil Cpt. (12)
    Bazooka (10)
    Sherman DD (3)
    Higgins Boat
    M1 Garand (50)
    Red Devil Cpt. (16)
    Bazooka (18)
    Sherman DD (3)
    Higgins Boat

  • American Units 
    Always go first
    During movement roll for each unit and check the table. Americans never move backwards.
    4’s are 1’s
    5’s are 2’s
    6’s are 3’s

    Rolled……Move where
    1…Directly forward
    During combat, on a 1-3 see where the unit moves by checking the table. On a 4-6, attack the closest unit. If I can’t attack, roll again.

  • Special Advantages
    During an initiative phase, you can spend that amount of points to use that special ability once per turn.

    6 points: Offboard Artillery-Check my topic. Artillery makes shellholes unless in water. Once per turn.

    8 points: Adjacent Area Fire Support-An MG42 from an adjacent area can fire at 6 dice against soldiers or 1 die against vehicles at any range. Can use Double Shot. Once per turn.

    10 points: Swap units- If your unit is on the eastern row of hexes, you can swap units. Roll a die. Swap your unit for whatever you roll. Swapping removes all disruptions.
    1-Mauser Kar 98K
    3-Wehrmacht Veteran Infantry
    4-Sandbagged MG Team
    6-Panzer III Ausf. F
    If you got a worse unit or the same one, you still must swap.

    I’ll have more in the next post.

  • 20 points: Healing-If your last soldier dies, use this to limit to disruption. Once per game during casualty phase.

    35 points: Reinforcements-You receive an MG42 on the east edge. Once per game.

    40 points: Construction-Place 2 pillboxes. Once per game.

    60 points: U-Boat sinks LSI-Once the round is over, skip 5 rounds. Do not receive points for units skipped. Once per game.

  • Just curios how far everybody who played it got. PM me the round you died on and I’ll put it in the High Scores.

    High Scores
    #1: aarules-died on round 6

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