New World Order - Small's Tournament - $200 in prizes for top 3 - Free entry

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    Click here to sign up for the tourny:

    This is a tournament using NEW WORLD ORDER Small’s mod,

    Tournament money donated by ‘Railroad’, a big fan of the map.

    Completely Free Entry, free to join and play

    $200 USD in prizes.
    1st gets $125
    2nd gets $50
    3rd gets $25

    Games must be played using TripleA game engine

    The tournament is scheduled to begin 1 September. The STRICT deadline for each game being the end of the month, preferably finish way sooner. Any player that has not submitted a result in time or atleast emailed Smalls to explain why unable to finish in time, will DEFINITELY get a loss for that game. Rounds will overlap, once first 2 games complete Smalls will assign them round 2 opponents.

    NWO Smalls map, again games must be played using DICE not LL, and railroad wants Smalls to compete in it too. Eliminated from the tournament after 2 losses. No bonus game vs Smalls at the end like last tournament. Games to be played with the lobby. PBEM/Forum is ONLY ok if both players agree to it. Most know when they should concede, but you get auto win if get both double opponents production and have more than 1000 TUV higher than opponent. Smalls has already taken into account that production and TUV values are not always entirely accurate.

    If game isn’t finished by the timelimit, the judges panel will look over the saved file and decide the winner, with consideration given to availability of the players. Anyone not wanting to play in the tournament, and Smalls has played vs before, please advise Smalls if you willing to be on the panel.

    I believe the map is balanced, but there will be a bid regardless. Normal bidding process used in other nwo tourny. Highest bid gets axis, negative bids fine. 1 unit per territory, can only place if same nation already has units there and if on land owned by that same nation. Person on left of draw page bids first. Bids can be in .5 increments ie elite costs 3.5. But 2.5 or 1.5 or 0.5 is not allowed. Players may withdraw from the tournament after any game, just email Smalls, their names will appear in red in the draw.

    Winnings preferably sent with paypal, but will send bank cheque etc if you prefer. Use the join link to join, and until the tournament starts you can see the current entrants on the draw page.

    Small’s Website

    (sry for post in play by forum section, i didn’t realize it was only for play by forum games, and wasn’t sure where this should be posted…)

    For an introduction to this map, see here:

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