What's the longest time France has survived? Please read the post below

  • Just wondering how long France has survived with it’s Capitol starting turn 1.

    1 more question do you think France surviving turn 1 is insta defeat to the axis?

  • we had this question a while back, but I have never had France not fall G1.  That is because if that attack goes bad for Germany it is too easy to restart.  Only 1 power’s units have moved.  Once when it happened we just switched sides and restarted.

    I personally believe that if France doesn’t fall G1 then the Axis are doomed.

  • I once intentionally ignored them and went straight Russia and built a navy back in OOB they lasted 5 rounds and were only a minor annoyance because I owned the Atlantic and no powers landed. I easily dispatched them after finishing Russia then took London for the win.

  • '10

    France has always fallen on Turn One in the games I have played.  If Germany can’t do it… Italy will.

    The game is so long, I don’t think Paris not being taken on Turn One would mean a defeat for the Axis.

    The game is too dynamic…  ANYTHING can happen and if often does.

  • Once it didn’t fall on G1 because of horrible dice rolls. France built a navy to try to block the Germans from having a place to land in England.

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    A little while back, we were playing a game where the Axis got together for a “Kill USA First” strategy.  Germany attacked France G1 and lost miserably.  I think they just didn’t commit enough units and France had good dice.  Italy tried I1 but also had bad luck.  Both sides wiped each other out but France retained it’s capital.  On G2, Germany finally took Paris but not having that extra French money really messed up Germany’s purchase.  The attack on USA ended up happening at wrong times between Germany and Japan so the USA was able to fight them all off and retain her capital.
    Since the Axis were so intent on going after USA, they really neglected their other areas.  Japan got beaten up by China and pushed off of Asia and UK and ANZAC ended up ruling the SW Pacific with their small navies.  On turn 4, Russia came storming through the border and Germany just didn’t have enough to stop them.  UK took over Africa and really gave Italy a hard time in the Med.  In addition, UK was able to buy new navy and transports to start threatening landings in Europe. 
    Once the German navy left the US east coast, USA also built navy and transports and moved the great defending land forces that they used to defend Washington with over to Europe.  Italy was soon smashed which left Germany trying to defend 3 fronts (east, west and south).  The Axis didn’t last long after that.
    I suppose France not falling G1 could be linked to the eventual defeat of the Axis.  If Germany would have had that extra French money to make a proper purchase G2, perhaps the American invasion would have went better.

  • I think France is supposed to fall G1, as much as Larry had said he didnt just put in a “french fall guy” the game really needs France to be just that. I saw 1 game where Germany and France destroyed eachother, leaving nothing but a French fighter, and we stoped playing shortly after that cause Germany wasnt able to recover.

  • If France survives due pure luck, then probably yes, it’s game over (we are assuming that Italy cannot take Paris as well). If Axis planned this because they have some wicked plan (like a full round 1 attack on USSR while Italy holds the french as someone suggested), probably Axis has a chance

    A pity that the game has not a turn limit. If was so, and, say, the limit was like 20 turns, Axis could continue to hold enogh and achieve a draw, even in case of a bad luck G1

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    If the game had a certain round limit, then it seems to me like you would have to have new victory conditions.  So far, all the games I have played ended before 20 rounds, although there were a couple that went really long, like 15 or 16 rounds.  I think the only time I have ever had a game go more than 20 rounds was back with Classic A&A.

  • In all the games we’ve played , France has survived the opener 4 times I think the Axis were able to pull of at least  one victory of the 4 times.  I say don’t reset because France makes it threw one round

  • @suprise:

    In all the games we’ve played , France has survived the opener 4 times I think the Axis were able to pull of at least  one victory of the 4 times.  I say don’t reset because France makes it threw one round

    What do you mean by “pull off one victory city of the 4 times”?

  • We’ve been playing every weekend for years …… well 48 out of 52 weeks anyway. The global +2ALPHA since Feb.  a couple of times twice in a weekend it works out to about 24 games and I think France has made it threw round one about four times and one of those times the Axis were able to still get a win in the other three the Allies were victorious.  France has never survived round 2 and I’ve never seen France get liberated it’s always the big capitals that we go after like Berlin or Moscow or London in all our games we about 50/50 Axis win or Allied win

  • On the rare chance that Paris does not fall on G1, then italy can grab it on I1.

    In our game last month this happened with an Axis win in the end.
    An extra 19 ipcs plus the Paris tt as well made for a strong Italy going into I2

  • could the person who voted that france never fell explain how.
    and the person who voted 10-14 turns explain how that happed.
    it would be appreciated.

  • France surviving the first round attack by Germany puts up a very interesting rest of the game. Various things can happen.

    1. Italy takes France on their turn making Italy a very rich country. 30+ IPCS gives them a strong I2 purchase letting them destroy the British navy in the Mediterranean Sea, fulfil their NO’s, take over Africa and the Middle East and most importantly open a new front for Russia and survive whatever America can throw at them. This makes Italy more powerful than Germany so there should be Italian intervention going on in Russia and the French coast.

    2. The French open a land campaign against Germany and Italy causing trouble. Creates an opening for British and eventually American troops to land and land fighters. More importantly it takes Germany’s attention off of Russia and Italy’s off of Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. This almost gaurentees that America will invest in Japan.

    3. France can build a fleet with England to land troops early in the game. This can in turn put more heat on England as Germany may build a navy as well. Puts alot of heat west and off of Russia. The Navy can later help Germany and attack Russia in two places. This navy that France and England builds may make America fully invest in Japan as well.

    The last 2 of these these seem to ask for a German capture of London as a German capture of Moscow doesn’t seem possible at that point. The first looks like America will invest in the Europe side. This begs for the capture of Moscow.

    In conclusion I think that the French surviving the first attack doesn’t make the Axis lose but it limits their choices.

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