• Okay so how would this work.

    1 Carrier
    1 Destroyer
    1 Sub

    So here are the attacks

    France-with most units that can not reach the east, but can reach it.
    Normandy-with enough units that do not go to France to take it out.
    Finland-march a Norwegian infantry to it.
    Bulgaria-march 1 infantry into it. If you want you can let Italy have it though.
    Yugoslavia-use the units in slow units in southern Germany and maybe a fighter.
    SZ 112-with the navy and a plane.
    SZ 106-the transport your main target use the subs.
    SZ 109-the transport is your main target use 1 or 2 subs and the some planes
    Baltic States, Eastern Poland, and Bessarabia-Mainly units in the east and other units that can reach
    SZ 115-any other planes, make sure to retreat if you have bad rolls.

    Then move forces in Germany east and anything else east. Land 2 fighters on carrier.

    Germany collects 67 IPCS

    The wheat oil trader would be nice, but pressure is good and then push fast on the Russians before the Americans can kill you.

    Next turn build a half navy to make sure Britain can’t get a strong navy, also fast land units to fight against Russia.

    So then if you’re fast an strong enough you should be able to take Moscow and Stalingrad. 3 starting cities + Paris + Cairo (should happen, but if needed support them) + Leningrad + Stalingrad + Moscow.

    Japan can help too with a J1 attack on Russia so they’re losing IPCS fast.

    So how would this work?

  • prepare for heavy british invasion starting atleast round 3…
    you leave both battleships alive!

  • I agree, with this opening UK is not under threat and therefore can begin their own assault that much sooner.  I think you would be better off with a purchase of a CV and 2 trns.  This still threatens sealion and so the UK player will have to build inf and defend his captial UK1, or you can still go with a fleet build G2 and crush him.  That might buy you the time you need to keep UK at bay and still have those trns available for action in the baltic.

  • We haven’t tried this in global but my dad tried it in Europe. It worked really well against russia but the lack of pressure on Britain let them take all of Italy’s land in Africa. After that I build a minor in Egypt and started send tanks to Russia who had fallen back to Moscow and Stalingrad 3 turn after Britain sent tanks there was British armor in Moscow after that the German lost there hope of wining.

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