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    Don’t know if somenone already asking you this question but do you have a USSR unit project?
    I need planes like bomber, fighter,dive & light bomber & trucks.


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    Do you mean a USSR project like his Axis Minors and US Marines?  If so, then I think he plans on doing that after FMG comes out with their USSR pieces.  Coach wants to make sure he has different pieces from what FMG puts out.

    If you mean OOB USSR pieces, he’s got a lot of them from all the past A&A games.  You could easily get more bombers, fighters and tac bombers.  As for trucks, the closest thing would probably be the ZIS-42 half-tracks from Europe 40.

  • Do you mean a USSR project like his Axis Minors and US Marines?

    Yes. I already have some USSR airplane like Airacobra and the ugly bomber from A&A Europe.
    But I would like to get more.
    Something like Petlyakov PE 2.
    Tupolev TU 2
    yakolev fighter or Lavochkin LA 3 or 5.

    Also I think i’m gonna buy FMG Italian air plane set when those will be available.
    For the moment, I used Junker 52 for air transport and a modified japanese bomber for Italian light bomber.

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    I think the plane that is in the FMG set as the transport plane could double for a light/medium bomber.

    Yeah, those other Soviet planes would be cool to get.  Unfortunately, FMG’s USSR set is a while away yet – USA is next up and Britain/ANZAC are after them.  I’m pretty sure HBG won’t come out with Russians until after we find out just what is going to be in the FMG USSR set.

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