What to do with Japon ships after pearl

  • my normal j1 is an ind for manchuria, 3 tanks j2, j3 etc.  j1 buy is also 1 trans, and inf.  I usually dont fare so well at pearl, but with your example, thats my move.  I do always pressure russia, for a few extra ipc’s mainly.  If pearl goes bad, my j2 main move is take out india.  Sorry for the lack of detail, im not big on words.  Or alot of words, that is.

  • very clear, thanks. Yes, my exemple is with hard push on pearl and almost everything still there after battle.


  • Two turns before you as the axis decide to crush Moscow or at least try to do so, take Alaska.  The US will probably re-take it, disturbing their transport of troops to Russia giving you essentially an extra turn of infantry (or the US one less) at the critical point.  For this you and the German player need to decide to go all-out against Moscow at some point.  Germany is going to have to take and hold Karelia one turn before this attack (which in itself can sometimes be difficult) and still have forces for a significant attack on the next turn.  If the axis do not take Moscow, its all over because here the German will give up fighters before the last infantry is removed so that there remains the least number of allied forces present.

    Otherwise, you could putz around picking up an IPC here and there (NZ, Australia, Madagascar?, Hawaii, Panama?, etc.) and hope that Germany does well (particularly in Africa) in an attempt to get an economic victory.  The problem with this is that the transport used to do this is probably better suited to ship extra infantry to Asia.

    Or you could send the fleet to the Atlantic to try to disrupt the forces there.  Problem with this is that the allies will always have a far superior force at least from a defensive perspective.

  • '10

    At the end of Round 1 if you go heavy to Pearl you should take Hawaii rather easily.  Round 2 take your loaded transport and your capital ships(you may have to send one home depending on what allies are doing) and take out Australia.  Round 3 move your capital ships off of French Indo-China.  Round 4 prepare to move to the Arabian Sea and support German holdings in Africa with Japanese forces.  Keep them here for a bit and protect this seazone from allied air attacks so you can keep the pipeline to Africa open.  Make sure to buy plenty of transports so Allied lone bombers no longer pose a threat.  If the German fleet was able to escape into the Indian Ocean make sure to join up with the Japanese fleet in the Arabian Sea.  If allies do not send enough to Africa watch for the opportunity to move your Axis fleet into the Mediterranean Sea and threaten the allied fleet likely stationed in the NE Atlantic(increase the threat by moving most of the Japanese Airforce to Europe).  If you have two battleships always use one infantry and attack allied positions…you may get lucky and take out three allied units.

  • Thanks for input… very clear…

  • This question is not clear to me.

  • Willingly I accept. In my opinion, it is actual, I will take part in discussion. I know, that together we can come to a right answer.

  • Hello. And Bye.

  • Hello. And Bye.

  • Don’t bother going to Alaska… put pressure on the coastline of SE Asia with your fleet and protect your valuable transports. If I remember correctly you ought to buy 2 transports and 3 inf on J1 or 3 transports and save 1. Take Pearl, start transporting your infantry from the islands to Manch etc. Keep pumping infantry in J2 and on J3 you can start thinking about building IC’s on the mainland.

  • take out Australia and NZ.

  • Hit Hawaii hard while prep for landing in Australia on J2, then on J3 hit India

  • @Imperious:

    Hit Hawaii hard while prep for landing in Australia on J2, then on J3 hit India

    This one is strong in the Force.

  • Huh? I dont see how I can take Hawai on J1 and Australia on J2

    I can take water on J1, but do I really bring a transport on J1 in pearl battle ? And if so, the probability to be hit twice (sub and ???) is there, do I choose to remove a figther instead of the transport? So then, I can take Hawai on J2, and Australia on J3 .

    Any comments

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I can take water on J1,

    Your ships are taking on water? :P

    What do you build Arfiss?

  • Sorry, I’m french ;)

    I built normal on J1, 2transports and 3 inf.

    I usually go in pearl with both Battlecruser, the sub, the carrier and 2 fighters (or 1 fighter and 1 bomber).

    I usually kill the sub and if unlucky 1 fighter. Remaining alot to hold counter attack from USA west coast.

  • You should invade Hawaii and take it out too. That way you prevent counter and insure less losses.

    builds are good. Transports are better than factories and are good fodder

  • Did any of you bother with Madagascar?

  • much latter, Hawaii, Australia, India…then things like that

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