• Hello!  First post, longtime reader.  I’d like to start by thanking the whole community; I’ve very much enjoyed reading this forum since playing my first game of Axis and Allies Revised Edition a few years back.

    I belong to a gaming group here in my home town, and we occasionally play Global 1940 (we’re mainly a role-playing group, though I’d imagine a few of us would say A&A is our all-time favorite game).  The problem is, most of us have families and limited free-time, and some of us are a little slow to take turns.  To point, we have never actually seen a game to completion.  There have been many decisive victories early on turns 3 and 4, while being hours into the game, and we’ve called it.  There’s been a few others where it was too close to call, and we just throw in the towel, not having the option of leaving the board up.  For some reason we never thought to write down troop placements or get one of the few spreadsheets I’ve seen out there, and pick it up again later.  Yesterday, however, we had almost a whole day for four of us to play, and we swore we were going to finish the game.  Hours later, while reaching a point where it could have literally gone either way, I accidentally bumped the 2nd board, spilling all of Europe’s contents into a nice jumbled pile of Russian, German and Italian pieces.  This was heartbreaking.  After talking, we decided we’d try to find a mid game setup on the internet, agreeing on it, and setting it up, to continue from there on turn 4 or 5.  I have yet to find one.  I see there are spreadsheets for people to keep for themselves, but not one being shared.  So… I turn to this forum.  Does anyone have a saved mid-game setup spreadsheet they can throw up on this topic for me to try?  I’d prefer it to be during a game that was generally balanced, with no clear gleaned outcome.  However, anything would do at this point.

    If this isn’t plausible, how about you just throw me some ideas on what I can do to redeem myself for ruining my group’s last attempt at finishing a game.  I’m not sure they can muster starting anew.

  • Oh man, what a bummer. Did you give them a 21 gun salute.

    I would suggest you show up w/case of beer, and a 5th of something for starters. By all means figure out some way to secure the game board (even if you have to screw it to the table). A 4X8 sheet of plywood, with a frame to keep the board from moving?

    Sorry, I don’t keep mid game set-ups, I would suggest that you snap a few cell phone shots of games in progress in the future.

    You can download some mid games from this site from ppl that play by forum w/battle maps. I’ve not done it (not sure what it takes), but here’s a link that gives you instructions etc…  ppl are more then willing to walk you through it.


    This next link (Play Board Games) is for games in progress, once you can download the maps you look at the set-ups in most of the games at different progressions. You can access the maps by looking for the the map down load through the players posts. This normally appears at the very bottom of a post, every 5-6 posts highlighted in smaller blue print (click on it). It will tell who’s playing, say what game (G40) and ends w/AAM.


  • Excellent!
    I was able to install ABattlemap and download a game from someone’s PBP thread.  I’ll copy the information into the mid-game record sheet I downloaded and go set it up.

    As an aside… ABattlemap is a strange application.  The right click and inverse mouse movement to scroll the board is not intuitive to me.  The module looks beautiful however, great work to everyone out there!

    Thank you very much Wild Bill.

  • Glad it worked out for you. Personally I would rather just start another game from scratch, but to each his own. I know time is a big element.

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    I personally don’t believe that you need a mid game setup, but rather a quarter game setup. Get a consensus from your group players of how the first 2 rounds would go and compensate the losses with a low luck average. Than you could all start the game at the beginning of round 3 avoiding what most here would agree to be the longest rounds to play. Of course you will all need to agree in principle, the best strategy and reaction each power should incorporate during these phantom rounds ( which is the hard part of all this).

  • I’d think you and your group are not the only ones looking for interesting mid game set ups.

    Played 1v1, 1v2 it takes 60-90 minutes / tern.

    The problem with writing down a setup is that i takes so long time. A read(5) och grey(2) maker wrong may be a huge problem.

    My group have saved one and are talking about saving more interesting ones. Last Friday Russia controlled Finland and traded Norway and Germany hold Leningrad. I wasn’t playing so i only got the stands by a short description.

    I can post some setups here if we decide to save some ones.

  • Only thing about a mid game setup starting around end of turn 3 is you might as well leave France out of it. maybe a few token infantry in Africa.  if France is liberated OK, but forget about the French fleet.

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    Only thing about a mid game setup starting around end of turn 3 is you might as well leave France out of it. maybe a few token infantry in Africa.  if France is liberated OK, but forget about the French fleet.

    That’s how it would look if it were played out.

  • We’ve asked Larry about a 1941, or 1942 set-up for G40 (like AA50). He seemed intrigued. I think it might happen in the future (distant future) . That would be cool. It would probably start about the end of the 3 round. US and Russia on the brink of war.

  • Instead of giving us a new setup he will probably do a whole new game.

  • '19 '18

    I am in the middle of game, round 4 America’s turn.  I took several pictures of the board that I could email you if you would like.  I could then give you the exact chip stacks around Russia since it is kind of hard to tell.  The situation is Germany has taken and hold Ukraine with about 15 inf, 2 art, 8 mech, 7 tanks. Russia has 17 inf in Bryansk with more in Russia.  The Luftwaf is all but gone, Italy is almost totally out of Africa and only has 1 trans and 1 DD on the board.  Japan has wiped out China and is poised to enter Russia, Russia inf are in Manchuria and there are 22 Brit inf in India with 2 art.  America has a small naval off Gibraltor and a large navy off the coast of Caroline islands (controlled by Japan) opposite the IJN in the Phillipeans SZ.

    If you are interested shoot me an email, but I couldn’t get them to you until Sunday, since I am leaving town for the rest of the week.

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