• Hi all.  First post.  Can I attack units on the Carolines from fighters on the Philippines?  (No air base).  In other words, does the sea zone around Philippines count as the first movement point?  If yes, I think I can’t If no, then I can, the 4 MPs being good enough.
    Thank you!

  • Welcome to the forum,

    Well, there is suppose to be an air base on the Philippines. Out of box, the setup chart is missing an air and naval base on the Philippines among other setup mistakes (in Australia, the Major factory is suppose to be a minor and no factory can exist on an island (New Zealand))

    If you are on the airbase, you can fly to sz 35, 34, 33, the island itself, and land on a carrier in sz33 as your 5th move.
    If the airbase were damaged to the point of not functioning, then you could not reach.

    When flying from an island, you count the island’s sea zone as your first movement point.
    When attacking an island, you have to fly to the land which is at least 1 movement point even if you launch from carriers in that island’s sea zone.

    Hope this helps,

  • Thank you James!  That helps a lot!!!  🙂
    So…air and naval base on Philippines, makes perfect sense.  Can you point me to where I can find what other set up errors there are?  Or did you cover it?
    Thanks again.

  • @friendc:

    Thank you James!  That helps a lot!!!   🙂
    So…air and naval base on Philippines, makes perfect sense.  Can you point me to where I can find what other set up errors there are?  Or did you cover it?
    Thanks again.

    Sure, its under the Pacific 1940 errata found on Larry Harris’ website under the forums link: (He created axis and allies)

    Here is a link to the PDF file. It may also be on this sites 1940 pacific errata.


    Those 2 pretty much cover the setup I think the only other thing is a map clarification for sz 5 above Japan. It is not suppose to touch Korea.

    The links should provide all you need.

    Your welcome,

  • Thanks James again!!!  New to the forum today, and AAG 40 so will find the nuggets like the errata you gave me.  Tanks a gun!

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