• Ok, so this can be a bit confusing. To start you need 2 of each (Europe and Pacific) and make them both into 2 worlds. Put the allies in one room with only the allies stuff set up, the axis in another with only the axis stuff set up. You also need a “runner” for each side. (more details to come). You go in the same turn order as regular, but have no idea where the enemy is. Therefore at the beginning of your turn, you get 5 recons. These reveal enemy troops and buildings in surrounding territories that are bordering your choice of recon. These can only be called on land by Mechanized Inf. In the ocean, they can be called by battleships, cruisers, and carriers, but because of the expanse of the ocean, and the ability of launching “flying boats” it is 2 sea zones away from the sea zone your ship is in If you choose, you can use a submarine which cannot be detected by other recons, but they can only recon as far as 1 surrounding territory. This adds the element of surprise for say the attack on pearl harbor, and makes the game much more difficult. The runners will mark the sea zones/territories you are reconing on a piece of paper, goes to the other sides map, and writes down the units that are in those sea zones/territories.

    If you happen to move into a sea zone/territory that was not reconed but contains enemy movement, all players are notified, and play combat occurs as normal, and you can place the enemy troops on the map as a reference. This needs an example.

    Say the Japanese player is planning to attack pearl harbor. He gets his carriers within2 spaces of it, does a recon of all bordering sea zones up to 2 zones away, and finds there are 2 battleships, 3 cruisers, and 5 destroyers at pearl. He launches all of his aircraft to attack. The allies are notified and battle proceeds as normal. The Japanese player retreats but places the American units of what was left in the sea zone surrounding Hawaii. Or say he doesn’t attack but recons, he can place the American units he found on the board as a sense of their strength for a later attack.

    I think this adds a whole new element to the game, because during the battle of Midway, Japan did not know where the Americans were and how many were dead. As a result they lost. I haven’t tried this yet, but really want to. If anyone does, post back and we can fix the kinks in it.

  • I think there’s already something like this.  (It might be called double blind or something?  I’m not sure.)  In any case, though, it’s certainly a cool way to play.

  • Never heard of that. I was just getting tiered of assembling a big fleet to attack america and then him spending all of his IPC’s on curisers to send to Hawaii to fend me off. I found this as a solution.

  • Outahere, welcome to a&a.org.  this is “blind” play, n has been played at tournaments!  We usually have a wall and a ref.

  • Oh. I’ve never heard of it but is it very similar to my version.

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