Yet another Transport rule clarification

  • Hello fellow players.  :roll:

    I wanted to clarify one thing:

    From rulebook:
    Transports can move to friendly coastal territories and load or offload cargo, unless they loaded, moved, offloaded, or were involved in combat during the Combat Move or Conduct Combat phase

    Previously we were playing so, that transports could move where they wanted, but now it seems, unless it’s making amphibious assault, you can’t keep your transports next to enemy soil. (US Transports next to W. Europe, or Japan moving their navy straight to US without capturing the Island on the way)

    Thanks for help!

    P.S. Huge thanks to Imperious Leader, previous two Axis games were epic, thanks to your map (Printed it out ~ 1,5x0,8 meters) + house rules with national advantages, objectives and tech.
    I hope, I’ll be able to post some pics from next time.  🙂

  • Official Q&A

    Transports are free to move to friendly sea zones adjacent to enemy-controlled territories in noncombat movement.

  • The rule you are stating is only for offloading during non-combat phase (it means if your transport does anything during combat phase, it can’t do anything during non-combat phase)

    During non-combat phase, Transports can go to any friendly or neutral sea zone, whatever the alliegence of the coastal territory(ies). Also in non-combat phase, transports can only offload in friendly territories.

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