Rallying Back from Successful Sea Lion

  • I just wanted to gather the thoughts of other players. In my current game (about round 6), the UK has been lost to Germany and now the Nazis are making a run for Russia. The US player has been 100% Pacific to neutralize Japan, and Russia seems to be making a good defensive effort. What do the American/Russian players out there do when the UK has fallen early in the game? Is it terribly detrimental if the American does not go Europe until Japan has fallen?

  • If i could make a suggestion, it sounds like you’re doing well, something to think about is what to do with the rest of UK.  It can’t capture territories on the Europe board, and therefore isn’t going to be a help in liberating the homeland.  I’d suggest India produce just enough troops to defend their holdings and perhaps SE Asia(although ANZAC should be defending here), after that it becomes a race to try and get as many british units into Moscow as possible.  An Arm/Mech/ftr is 20ipcs, and should arrive in time to defend the gates of moscow.

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