Germanys french revenge! New tactic for trial..

  • @El:


    2 of the 4 Hollywood women to capture my heart (Salma Hayak and Cameron Diaz being the other two) . . . .

    😮 What the?!?!…
    Was reading Xi’s post and Cameron Diaz came to my mind for you cc as “it takes two” to give the award.

    Don’t see enough modern flicks to know Salma Hayak from Uma Thermon(sp?). Would you recommend one of her films, please?

    Maybe Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as the other “one” for dzfish? Oh, wait! I’m not sure they’re legal yet :-? !? Hey, they have their own empire. Anybody wanna picture dzfish as a boy-toy? 😮 :lol: 😉

    she is NOT a good actress, just a sexy one.
    So i couldn’t recommend a movie to portray her acting but Desparado comes to mind (the much bigger budgetted sequal to “El Mariachi”), as does “Dusk to Dawn” (bit part - awful movie tho’), Fools Rush in, etc.

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