GenCon Indy 2011 Global '40

  • So as I understand it there will not be a Global tournament at GenCon this year?
    The schedule only has tourneys for 50th, 1942, and 2nd Edition.
    All this time I spent playing Global '40 was for nothing?  Not even Europe 40 or Pacific 40 tourneys?

  • '11

    There are 6 Axis & Allies Global 1940 games planned at GenCon 2011. They are using the Alpha +2 Edition rules. However, the games are not specifically listed as a tournament.

  • I may be heading to Gen Con for 1 day, maybe 2. Was going to pop in for the axis games and meet other players. I’m not that interested in the rest of the convention these days.

    If I stop by, is anyone interested in a global game, (assuming you have the free time). I’m sure we can find a table not in use in the axis area. This would be a great chance to try out some ideas I’ve been floating, I have yet to delve into forum play. (Taking online college courses for a mid-life career “re-deployment” while working full time leaves less time for games.)

    If we don’t have time for a game, I’d like to discuss strategy ideas using the map and some pieces as a visual aid with anyone interested. I post some “crazy” ideas and this would be a great way to show why they would or would not have a chance.

    I’m on vacation that whole week, if others would like to meet, I will definitely be attending. Just send me a PM or post a reply.

  • '11

    I’d be up for it. I’m going to be at the Con all 4 days and want to get in at least a couple games of A&A, preferably Global.

  • Seriously, who in their right mind would go to Indianapolis ?!?

    They couldn’t have those somewhere that is not in the middle of nowhere?

  • I’m gonna be there Friday for A&A, I have a ticket for Global at 8AM.  I’m also playing War at Sea minis and Thursday I’m into the Star Trek CCG.
    Don’t really have plans after that.  Prolly all A&A Global 40.

  • cool, I’ll be driving in I’m like 4.5 hour away.

    And Indy is not the middle of nowhere, its near enough to the center of the country so both coasts can reach it.

    I’ll send you my number in a PM so we can meet up at Gen Con if you like.

  • '11

    It will be good to meet up with some forumites and thrash around on A&A. See you at the best 4 days of gaming.

  • Here and so too happens:)

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