• say Germany takes Normandy and France, they obviously get the 19 IPC’s for next turn, but do you add the 6 extra points for the territorial value?

  • Yes

  • This is a confusing question, so I’ll be extra super clear so that I’m sure I’ve covered the answer.

    You capture France’s ipcs when you take a capital.(19ipcs)  You increase your own ipc limit by every territory you conquer that is worth ipcs.  These ipcs you collect at the end of every round.  So every round you collect ipcs for the territories you capture, plus any NO you fill, and when you capture a capital you get all their cash on hand.

    You’ll notice a heavy tilt in this post towards gaining ipcs for territories you capture, its a popular rule in A&A….

  • u get the value for territories and for capturing the capital you recieve whatever cash they have on hand.

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