Moving to Illinois any player?

  • Ya, how far would you drive to play though?

  • Maybe a couple of hours if I get a job I’m hoping for tomorrow. haha Is everyone here like near chicago?

  • I’m 2 hours north of it

  • We’d probably all have to meet up in Chicago. You from the north and me from the south. It would be cool to try to set up a place and date to get a group together sometime this year. At the moment I don’t think I could make it all the way up there.(From Charleston, IL) Maybe in the spring if my job search turns around and I actually have more money. haha Crossing my fingers for my interview tomorrow. lol

    It’s always so hard to find the right people near you who are into long strategy games. haha I love playing Conquest of the Empire, Napoleon in Europe, all the A&A’s, American Civil War, and I just got Star Trek Fleet Captains(Sweet game).

  • @Admiral_Thrawn:

    At the moment I don’t think I could make it all the way up there.(From Charleston, IL)

    Well I just looked up where you are, and yes, you are a bit of a ride to Chi-town.

    To my hometown, it’s 180 miles.  A good 3 hours.

  • Well, I hope the job thing improves for ya bud, I would love to meet more people.

    Hey axis, how much would you be willing to drive to play a game or would you host?  We (me and a few guys on the forum who live around the lake) currently have a game set-up in Southern WI this saturday which might spill over to sunday, but, it is likely in 2 weeks we would do another.  Would like to be informed of our next date? (Locations can range between SE WI, North IN, OR West MI)?

  • Thanks for the offer, but this Saturday is no good for me.

    We can talk about future games when the time comes.  I could host, but we only are playing AA50 now.  From earlier posts, you sounded more focused on Global.

  • I just never played 50th ann before, and I like the bigger games more.

  • I probably would say I like 1940 better but AA 50th is still great and I play both.

  • Springfield IL

    Myself, a rugby teammate, an old highschool buddy still play AA.  Started in 1987 and been playin ever since.  We have/play all versions, but prefer Global.  We also play other games should people want too, we don’t care what we play really.  We have 2 tables set up in the basement with a Guinness, Wernesgruener, Miller Lite, Dr.Pepper, Coke, and Pepsi fridge G2G.

    I have 3 children so I can’t play away unless in St.Louis.  And then…it would take weeks to prepare.  Feel free to post here, I will bookmark this thread or PM me.

    Chicago is just too far, sorry guys.

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