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    I know it may be rare for many here, but I am in 6 player games all the time and we are about to finish a full round (when everyone has played every power). So…… if it were up to you, and you had no idea who your team mates will be, who would you choose to play and why?

    Myself, I like the United States and China. It’s a good bet that you won’t single handedly lose the whole war for your team, and there is not much expected of you for the first few rounds except spend wisely. If I am feeling bold though, I have no problems taking Germany or Japan, but the more fun and relaxing power to play is the United States IMO.

  • Gotta go with the USA.  Just too much fun.  The other choice would probably be Britain, although since the new Global game they haven’t been as much fun.  I loved building up the British bombers and just leveling Nazi Germany.  :mrgreen:

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    Gotta go with the USA.   Just too much fun.  The other choice would probably be Britain, although since the new Global game they haven’t been as much fun.  I loved building up the British bombers and just leveling Nazi Germany.   :mrgreen:

    Much agreed & thanks for spending your first post on my thread…… common Larry, bring back the Lancasters!

  • Germany or Italy I think. Mostly because IMO the game is more difficult for the axis, making the victory sweeter if you can pull it off.
    It’s embarrassing loosing with the Allies and a win is expected, but a loss with Axis is acceptable and a win is sweet 😄 (yes yes, I know - still more fun to play the underdog, which the axis is in this game still IMO)

  • i always enjoy being the Axis in just about any WW2 game.  Mainly because I can choose the course of action

  • I would have to go Russia, having the hardest time against the Axis and knowing it is only a matter of time before German/Italian/Japanese units gain victory.

  • i would have to pick the usa its just to much fun seing italy buy 3 infantry when your buying loads a crap even before the national objective falls into place  😄

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    I would choose to play the British Empire.  You are right in the action from Turn 1, and there are so many strategic options on a Global scale.  You get to be a major player in both the European and Pacific theaters.

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    I actually like playing Italy because I fair well when I play them, but I’m not surprised that it’s not anyones first choice.

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    I usually prefer to play Germany.  They are heavily armed and have a lot of options to raise their income pretty quick in the first couple of rounds.  Also, you get at least 3 rounds to build up for attacking Russia and if you do it right, you can have one heck of a strong force all along the border.  If you have a good Italian player, and perhaps a little luck, between the two of you, you can totally rule Europe and Africa and bring the mighty bear down.  France will be non-existant, UK could be taken out or neutered and by the time USA gets in the game, assuming they don’t go all out after Japan, Germany can be well on it’s way to Moscow.

  • I voted Germany just for the “challenge” factor- they really make you stretch your brain.
    A close Second is the USA- so fun to play and yet somewhat challenging as you have to be resourceful and efficient.

    Axis is definitely tougher, Allies can come back from any mistakes better than Axis IMHO.

  • I voted Japan because I love playing nations with a high focus on the sea, although Japan is always in the loosing track after turn 3 or 4, I really enjoy playing it.

  • I picked Germany , I like the ability to have a sound strategy to start that can’t be impacted what others do .  USA for a relaxing no stress game.  UK for a challange . I have a love hate relationship with Japan. OOB or Alpha +2 without our house rules , I would rather shoot myself in the face.

  • I prefer Japan for its graceful sweeping strokes, when executed properly they are a piece of art that causes your opponents to marvel at the rapid swing of momentum as you dismantle armed resistance in your path.

    Japan is a Katana: beautiful, graceful, lethal, and powerful in skilled hands.

    It is a steel paperweight in the hands of a novice.

  • I like Germany for the challenge, and if you do get the win then you break the historical accuracy of WWll or Japan for matter
        We pull the round flags out of a cup so everyone has a chance to learn each country on a random basis, there are people in our group who like certain countries better than others

  • Italy because once I’ve took Africa I can just chill out.

  • JamesAleman - I loved your response. I’ll respond in kind about Germany.

    Germany is a Spiked Gauntlet - brutal, powerful, and frightening when smashing into your opponent’s stomach or throat… especially when that punch is thrown by a brutal, powerful, and frightening player.

    I’m not saying that I’m that player… it was just fun to write.

    There is a particular artistry to dismantling Russia with a steady flow of infantry and artillery, utilizing the menace of armor and mechanized infantry to force your opponent to fall back, back… while the Luftwaffe methodically grows to become both the spiked shield, and the finisher.

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    Japan is the one. So many options to choose from and run wild for six months. I mean three turns and then the challenge of luring the U.S. navy into a fight that they cannot win. Like the sea battles!

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    Wow! as of right now, Japan is beating the US. And I thought Japan was a sure loss.

  • @Young:

    Wow! as of right now, Japan is beating the US. And I thought Japan was a sure loss.

    People often like greater challenges in something like this. I’d expect all Axis to be placed higher than Allies. Even Italy 😄

  • I chose the Soviet Union because I truly enjoy facing the crushing threat of Nazi Germany head on, and defeating them using inventive movements and defensive strategies.  I love the scorched earth manner of playing them.

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    The great thing about this game overall, is that every nation is so different to play.  Each Nation has it’s own challenges and advantages.

    Although I prefer to play UK, I am always happy to take on any power for a change-up.

  • I like to play Russia, followed by Germany.

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