Who will win the Stanley cup?

  • After last night’s inspiring game 7, the Ducks are going to face the Devils. The Mighty Ducks have never faced a Stanley Cup Finals game. They have had over a week of rest. The Devils will have just a weekend. They have won two Stanley cups. Who will win?

  • I would like the Ducks to win, however that nagging feeling in the back of my mind say Devils.

  • Stanley!
    After all, it’s his cup so he’s got more to fight for. :roll:

  • Mark Twain was a very cool guy.

  • Devils in seven.

    The teams are very evenly matched. They both have amazing goaltending an defense. The devils are a little stronger on defense and the Ducks are a little stronger on offense. Defense wins this time of year. There will be a lot of OT games. There will be many 1-0 games. I doubt you’ll see more than 3 goals total in most of the games.

  • I can’t believe the Ducks got to were they are in the first place. I say the Devils will beat them in 5 or 6 games at the most.

  • @bossk:

    I can’t believe the Ducks got to were they are in the first place. I say the Devils will beat them in 5 or 6 games at the most.

    my money is still on the Jets!!!

  • In my opinon, the Ducks are a very solid team. They were the second best team in the West during the second half of the season. They have a formula that just clicks, Defense and Goal scoring 🙂 People like Peter Sykora (Former Devils Player!) score the goals, and Gigure builds a brick wall in front of the goal.

  • Wow, the Western conference is weaker than I thought, then. I mean, two shutouts in a row? Only 32 shots on goal in the series so far? Either the Ducks are really inconsistent or they’re not as good as they had hoped. I mean, even the Oilers beat NJ once.

  • I dunno a thing about hockey, but I’d cheer for the ducks, lol since I liked The Mighty Ducks movie when I was a kid 😉 . Well, either that or I’d cheer for the ones who had the coolest looking jerseys.

  • The Oilers didn’t beat NJ, they utterly destroyed them 🙂

  • “The Mighty Ducks”… Cincinnati is a farm team…How hokie! Named after a movie!?! Even if not… I can think of a coupla better names…
    The Flying Pigs(Cincinnati)…
    The Anabaptists(Anaheim) :roll:

  • i wish anahiem will win but i think that devils will. why simple, both team have win all the game on their own ice ( as i post this, game 6 is on and the ducks lead 5 to 2 ) NJ win the first 2, then duck gets the two others, the fifth one for NJ and now the sixth game is going to the ducks so the last one will be paly on NJ ice and all the fans here will be so noisy !!!

    so i think NJ will win the stanley cup, but i sincerely hope i’m wrong !

  • quack…quack…quack

  • The “Mighty Ducks”…Is that a cute name or what? Gawd,they should have came up with a better moniker…However,the Pond (where the Ducks play),has a section of die-hards they call “Pond Scum”…Now thats funny!!

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