• I know Alpha 3 will be coming down the pipe eventually, but I thought I would produce my own. Calling it Bravo 6  😄

    Essentially I am trying to discourage the Japs from getting too involved in the European conflict and focusing more on the Pacific. Also, it should be difficult for the Japs to ever completely conquer China. If they do they probably are losing their focus on the Pacific and committing too many resources in China.

    I also want the US, to some degree, to stay true to the real war and NOT be able to go KGJ/KJF, which means they cant just drop 100% of their income in any one theatre every single turn.

    Eastern front
    This should be determined by who can hold the economic edge. Germany should find it difficult to subdue Russia completely by itself. They need to get at least some help from Italy and/or Japan. Germany also needs to get its NO’s and prevent Russia from getting theirs.

    Summary: These changes are meant to provide 3 things:
    1. Historical accuracy
    2. Balance
    3. Variety in strategy/gameplay

    *Start the game with an additional 6 infantry. The placement of these reinforcements is limited to the following territories: Kansu, Tsinghai, Shensi, Suiyuyan. Limit to placing 2 per territory.
    **Your fighter can treat any Chinese territory as an airbase

    *5 IPC bonus to hold 2 out of 3 of the following: Malaya, Kwantung, and Philippines
    **Minor IC in Shantung. Cannot produce out of this factory your first turn.
    ***One time 2 IPC bonus for each ‘mainland’ Australian territory you control
    ****One time 3 IPC bonus for each of the following you control: Aleutian islands, Alaska
    ****Transport in SZ 33

    *5 IPC if Allies control Persia, NW Persia, Caucasus, & SZ 80 clear of enemy ships
    **Special ability to relocate factories one territory during the non-combat phase.

    *5 IPC bonus for control of Western Ukraine & Ukraine
    **5 IPC for Paris
    ***Each Sub does 3 IPC damage to convoys
    ****Minor IC in Romania

    United States
    *Must spend a minimum of 21 IPC’s in each theatre (When at War)
    **Replace ‘Mexico’ bonus with the following: Collect 2 IPCs each if the Allies control the following: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia.

  • national objectives look fair

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