• Im posting this because i play axis and france is gone in one turn

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    France does not need a chance so much as for Germany and Italy to realize that France gets to go before any German actions take place.

    The allies should be penallized for not liberating Paris, however.  Maybe make it so W. France and S. France cannot use the minor Industrials until Paris is liberated?

  • @Cmdr:

    France does not need a chance so much as for Germany and Italy to realize that France gets to go before any German actions take place.

    These are really… seperate issues.
    The problem you’re addressing is a player error issue, not a gameplay matter.

    I do agree, however that liberating Paris should be a goal for the Allies, not the burden on them that it currently is.  Not sure how to implement it, though.  The IC clause you suggest seems a bit too arbitrary to fit.

    To address the actual thread topic, though, MSAF, France is supposed to lose on G1.  I’m not sure what you expect otherwise.

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    It makes more historical sense than you might think, in my opinion.

    Consider this:  The Americans and British invested heavily into the French Resistance.  Therefore, the French Resistance worked tirelessly to help the Americans and French.  Furthermore, the purpose of invading France, in part, was to liberate it, not exchange a NAZI master for a Capitalist master, therefore, cities and towns were freed as the Allied units pressed into Europe.  Thus, liberating the industrial and manufacturing sectors of France and letting France take them over immediately makes sense.

    Think of it as a government in exile.  It’s a current house rule, but it could apply to France.  So no matter what the allies do, they could never take French land, only liberate it.  This would highly encourage the Americans to aim for France, in my opinion.

  • im talking OOB rules here not alpha 2

  • That makes sense, Jen, I see what you’re saying.  I simply take issue with the fact that this creates an exception within the rules of the game, which are consistent for all powers that have their capitals taken (barring weird ol’ China).

  • After 3 turns France should be allowed to collect half of the ipc value of the territories it controls on the European board. It then would be allowed to place units on London or until a french factory is captured, they would not be allowed to build their own factories until Paris is retaken. This would represent the free french forces that were very active during the war.

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    Not sure if it is an official optional rule or a house optional rule, but there is a similar rule for England already called the Government in Exile. (You will see a token location on the Abattlemap file for this.)

  • the brit rule sounds fun 😄

  • My pc cant run rar files

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    winrar.exe it’s free

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