• Is sz 6 also adjacent to Manchuria or is sz 19 the only sz adjacent to Manchuria? Our last game the Japanese player was certain that it connected and that he could bridge troops to Manchuria without leaving sz 6.

    Also, I was hoping you could clarify which sea zones are adjacent to which from the pacific moving to the atlantic…


    PS: I’ve played A&A since I was 15 and I thought AA50 was the greatest thing (and still love it) until I found Global 1940! Thank you!

  • There is absolutely no way that SZ 6 is adjacent to Manchuria. Look at the map…if it’s not made obvious that they touch, they don’t touch. The board clearly draws bisecting lines in Sea zones that touch the same territory (91 and 92, 110 and 105). Your Japanese player is trying to take advantage of you. Call him on hit!

  • Look on page 32 of the Europe rules for which SZ’s are connected between the Pacific and Atlantic.

  • Official Q&A

    Sea zone 6 and Manchuria are not adjacent.  See the FAQ.

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