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    Can they be taken out by a “Tall Boy”, dropped from a bomber on a roll of 1?  The “First” bunker buster!

    Yes…. and coastal guns in the UK can be taken out by V rockets, but only if they get by the spit fires and only in daylight hours, and V rockets fired at night, hit coastal guns @4 instead of @5… (Sorry for the sarcasm).

  • Thats ok, that there was funny. :lol:

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    Thats ok, that there was funny. :lol:

    I liked your other pic better.

  • How about this: Coastal guns cost 5 to build and can be placed on any coastal territory but cannot be moved. Limit of 1 gun per territory. Coastal guns fire at up to 3 surface ships during amphibious assaults, and a hit is scored on a roll of 1 (i.e. roll up to 3 dice like AA in alpha 3). Defender decides which ship(s) are lost. As usual, battleships and carriers can take 2 hits and transports are removed last (but before subs and planes).

    Like other facilities, coastal guns can be attacked by strategic or tactical bombers with up to 6 damage. A grey chip is placed under the coastal gun for each damage unit and can be repaired during the purchase & repair units phase for 1IPC per damage.

  • Sorry grasshopper I missed your long rule on the last page. No offense intended.  I think your idea is cool. Guns of Navarone!

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