Question regarding the purchase of units

  • I use Gray Chips from AAE for 10 units, and blue chips from World at War for 20 units.

  • Blue chips? i got red ones with WaW :sad: I never run out of units, i use from all games combined (AAE, AA, AAP and WaW) and i play aggresive, so no need for even more units.

    Good job at Avalon Hill for including more chips in AAE, AAP. I allways went short on the original game, and now i only use 10% of the available chips in the expansions. Bit overdone imo :wink:

  • I’ve got a weird card game called Po-ke-no (or sumthin liek that). It includes about 100 red chips in the box, so I never run out of unit chips in A&A. =)

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    A friend and I have combined our sets for a total of 4 original games and 2 sets of World @ War. We also useualy play with people who bring aditional sets. We never run out.

  • I believe in the rules (i’m going by second edition), it says that any country cannot have any more single units than the tokens provided, but as groups the numbers are endless.

    For example: each country is provided with 3 Battleships, but if a country wants a forth Battleship, it has to be grouped up with on of the others. So you can have 20 Battleships, but no more than 3 groups of them.

    But not everyone follows this rule, since its not crucial to the gameplay.

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    Right, we threw that rule out before we even played our first game.

  • I always thought it affected gameplay enough to keep that rule, maybe I’m just odd; I’ve been informed of being so on several occations.

  • In Original Axis and allies, you cannot have more groups than given. So, you may have a maximum of 2 Carrier groups, but you can have 20 carriers in each group.

    In the new expansions, you are aloud to go over the pieces given to you.

    Edit - oops, just actually read the thread. Sorry Major for being redundent! Stupid me

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  • LOL :smile:
    No worries Yanny! Its good to know your on my side though…

  • major damage and yanny are correct. many units but limited stacks

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