The Defense Of Britain

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    indeed, its almost like you were so in to taking London you didn’t even type out the battles!  I was reading your post and had to figure out what you were attacking with, but not what was defending.  I would think it would be nice to add 1 line:  Germ 4 inf 4 arm 3 ftr 1 tac vs. UK 5 inf 3 ftr aa

    Apologies, I was in a rush because you two were sounding impatient with waiting.  Keep in mind I have papers to grade, quizzes to write and lesson plans to plan as well.

    13 Infantry, 4 Fighters defending, correct?


    • 76.4% defender

    So I’d have to alter course, which is fine, since I didn’t originally plan a round 2 attack of England.

    Germany would probably go along the lines of 7 Transports, 4 Armor, Artillery with units moving to W. Germany.

    Landing 5 ground units and an AA Gun in Scotland.

    (Not looking at the map, if I need an airbase in Norway and some aircraft there to protect the new transports then trade in 3 armor for it and get an infantry as well.)


    Well Jim is running this strategic experiment.  I believe the consensus is though a G4 sealion is unavoidably successful, we are trying to find a way to make G3 sealion a no-go.  If you have any strategic insights or moves that might go missed don’t hesitate to interject.

    THought we were trying to derail a G4 sea lion?  That’s when I go with Sea Lion, why am I even in this discussion on G3 Sea Lion? lol.

    Never mind then!  I don’t WANT a G3 Sea Lion, it brings America into the war sooner and your odds are significantly less than a G4 sea lion!

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    I’m looking into making G4 hurt or defeat as well.

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    G4 can hurt, but I am not really certain it can be stopped.


    Because on Round 3 you can land 26 ground units in Scotland (or 25 and an AA Gun to dissuade ambitious British field commanders) and on Round 4 utilize 11 aircraft, 2 shore bombardments and 52 ground units.  I just don’t see England having the manpower to stop that, even with full investments. (3 rounds of full investments ~ 85-90 IPC worth of units)

  • I’m not sold on the Scotland move.  I like it, but that’s because I don’t play vs myself.:)  In this instance, moving to take Scotland means the UK can build something like 2 carriers, place them in the English Channel along with the fleet of Gib, and now your trns in 113 cannot reach UK.  Otherwise can’t UK attack your trns even if they are defended by 6 aircraft, thereby canceling the invasion.

    **Edit: what’s on the German carrier?  What are UK’s odds on a strike on those ships?

  • I hate when work gets in the way of my gaming

  • I like the Scotland drop strategy, but I do question the specifics of it in parts -

    Are we saying landing on G2 in conjunction with the large TT purchase?
    If so -
    we place the TTs in 113
    then do we purchase maybe a DD to protect them along with the scramble?
    or do we split the German navy a little to accomplish this as well?

    Like putting the CA in 113.
    1 BB, 1 CV, 2 Fig is enough to protect the 3 original TT from 3-4 Fig, which is all that can hit them.
    As the 92 stack can’t hit the German navy in 111.

    Also, 1 CA, 3 scrambled Fig wins against 4 UK fig at 62%.

    So this adds up.

    Another topic -
    Do we purchase the complete 10 TT on G2 to achieve a total of 13 TT?
    Or less, along with a supporting land buy?

    Do we actually hit Scotland on G2 to reinforce on G3,
    or do we simply hit Scotland on G3?
    This would lower the force in Scoland by 5-6 troops (depending on AA gun drop)

    We could hit Scotland on G2, and not purchase the full 10 TT.
    But then we reinforce Scotland on G3 to make up for whatever fewer TT we did not buy.
    I think, then, we could get away with not buying 10 TT, and make up the difference with that initial G2 Scotland invasion.

  • The dd build should be sufficient, along with 3 scrambling ftrs to dissuade UK from hitting sz113.  However a UK naval build will block the movement of those trns to London.  If they are built in 112 they cannot be blocked.  I think hitting Scotland is a mistake here, but I will wait for input from others first.

    provided there is no move to Scotland, Germany then would not need to build the dd, getting 10 trns instead.  This means they can hit london G3 with 13 trn loads, or 13 inf, 5 art 8 arm plus remaining aircraft.  Thats against, as best as I see it- 24 inf, 1 arm 6 ftrs 1 tac aa.  I reached 24inf by adding 2 frenchies from Africa and 1 inf Egypt 1 inf Malta.  the numbers in that dskelly site reveal:

    18.5% clears
    68.6% attacker
    12.9% defender (these numbers reflect Germ attacking with 5 ftr 5 tac 1 lvl)

    Of course we don’t know the OOL for that site, so those numbers don’t really mean that much, however most ties will go to the attacker because they will leave 1 arm to capture.  Thats a decent chance at a G3 sealion, what am I missing?

  • @jim010:

    I’m looking into making G4 hurt or defeat as well.

    My playing partner and I have been thinking about this also.  I tentatively agree with Jen that I don’t really think a G4 Sealion can be stopped.  So, one of the proposals we had was to sink the German fleet after Sealion.  The jest of the plan is that Russia buys enough naval units (for sz 127) to take a territory that US bombers could land on.  On R4, they could take Norway, Scotland, even Eire could be a valid landing zone.  US buys bombers to a varying degree on US1, 2, or 3 and then on US4, bam sink the German fleet.  Would it cripple Germany?  Probably not, but it sure the hell would reduce its flexability!

    Could Germany stop Russia from taking these territories?  I don’t know.  If they had to defend all those territories or contend with a Russian fleet and US bombers, would that change the Sealion calculus?  Heck, if there was a possibility of losing its fleet, would Germany abandon Sealion?  I don’t know.  I am posing more questions than I have answers to.

    Edit:  Of course this only applies to a G4 Sealion.  If Germany does a G3, then all bets are off since Russia and the US can’t do anything to the German fleet.

  • This is just a statement of my opinion, but I personally dislike a G3 Sealion attack when the UK tries to do a max defend.  I hate playing for a few hours and then having an iffy battle (yes, I consider a battle that the Germans only have a ~70% chance of winning to be iffy) where they lose three out of ten times and then quit the game because the Axis “lost” already.  I just think it is poor gamesmanship to play that far for a battle with those odds and walk away when you lose. :x

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    I’ll be back

  • @jim010:

    I’ll be back

    Great.  As long as you are getting up, please bring a brewski back for me.  😄

  • make sure you get the borders full of destroyers to block german sumberines

  • @450thMSAF:

    make sure you get the borders full of destroyers to block german sumberines

    Er what?  :lol:

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    I’d like to start a new thread.

  • the sea around the island must be full of destoyers to block off german sumberines

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