The Axis vs. The Allies

  • Who is better overall the Axis or the Allies? Not counting the ability of luck which can change even the best attacks into terrible disasters. Lets say this is in the Alpha-2 setup with technology. With technology I feel the the Allies specificly America can gain a huge advantage by gaining all the tech they can before they go to war.

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    The Axis are way cooler, because of the uniforms and the desire to conquer the world.

    But the allies have the in game edge, and get to play the “Hold the line” Defence game.

    It all comes down to…

    Do you want to start the fight?  Or finish it?

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    I want to start it AND finish it.

    The axis have more options, the allies are more reactive.  That’s not to say the axis are not reactive and the allies have no options, just which is their primary role.

    Right now, the game is gambit-ish to me.  The Iceland Gambit, the Gibraltar Gambit, the SZ 9 Gambit, the Indian Gambit, the Australian Gambit, the American-Pac Strat Gambit.  That last is a bit less gambit like since it is seen coming a long ways off, it’s just mostly unstopable atm. Alpha 3 will fix that and we should see the American Pac-Strat be required, partially, with a required investment in Europe by America - either not happening should default a win for the Axis. yay

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