• For some reason beyond me, I have never considered this strategy for the Axis. I have always thought that you needed Moscow for Germany to truly have Victory, but after playing a game, I realized that you don’t!

    I think we can agree that against a determined G3 sea-lion, London will fall. So why don’t people ALWAYS do sea-lion, and then just stake Stalin/Lenningrad!? You never even need to go to Moscow! With London down, Egypt will be fairly easy to control. That’s your 8 victory cities right there.

    PS. I am a noob, so if this strategy has been used several times my apologies, it just seems that in every forum people are hell-bent on taking Moscow. If Russia Turtles, take the two cities, and if they don’t…they lose!

    PPS. A more detailed strategy I guess would be attack Russia on G2 in Baltic States and East Poland. If Russia turtles in Novgorod, link up to big armies in Belarus. If Russia continues to turtle in Novgorad, just move to Smolenks or Bryanks and be in striking distance of Moscow (in case the Russian player forgets to build up there along) with you southern army moving through south Ukraine.

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    England has alot of tricks in it’s bag to prevent or defend against a G3 Sea Lion.

    That said, taking Stalingrad isn’t easy on ANY given day, even during a full scale barbarossa.  I don’t think the Russians are going to just give it up.

    The only thing I can say for this strategy, is that you can re-use your navy to force the capitulation of leningrad after London.

    But Stalingrad…  aint going to happen without a serious committment - of several turns of income.

    The question is… can and will the US matter by then?

  • You can do a sneaky capture of Ottawa too - avoid Stalingrad and Moscow, just take London, Ottawa, Cairo, and Leningrad.  If you fake an attack on Washington, you can feint and instead go for Ottawa which wont be well defended, and America usually builds defensive, so a stack of tanks and infantry can hold Ottawa for one round for the victory.

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    IF England is determined, Sea Lion can be close enough that a bad set of dice will make it fail.  Many players won’t risk the wrath of the dice gods, so they avoid the battle if it gets that close. (65% or less.)  Honestly, when it comes to capitol battles, if the odds are 60% or better, I always go for them, even if they fail, odds are your opponent is more hurt than you are.

    That said, Russia is still an easy target, if you get a major going in Korea and blitz in a bunch of MI/Armor to quickly gobble up land.

  • IF you capture Ottawa from the Brits, the US would quickly take it back, as seeing a possible Germany invasion of the E. US, they’d have a massive counter-attack force. Especially if they’re doing a KGF strategy first. By the time, you went after Leningrad, Ottawa would be back in the hands of the UK. Then you’re back to defending the UK against the Americans who will be quick to take it back and you’re back to the strategy of taking Leningrad and Vol in Russia. Better to focus your efforts on Russia after a successful SeaLion, rather than waste time trying to take Ottawa.

  • And to answer your question, a lot of people don’t do SeaLion b/cuz it’s not always a guaranteed thing. Depends on what the UK does. If the UK makes it as difficult as possible, then most likely the Germans can take it still but it might be a little dicey and leave them vulnerable to the Russians. If the UK makes it easier then the Germans will be more likely to do a SeaLion. I don’t think a successful SeaLion always means an Axis victory.

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