• So here is the deal: I have never played A&A or any strategy game (of that caliber) really. A friend asked me this week to play against him. He has allegedly never lost a game. So I was wondering if I could get a few tips and tricks as to not look like a total noob while getting my butt handed to me. Anything should help!  :mrgreen:

  • Well if you’re playing revised, a general tip is that the Axis need to haul ass and try and to win as quick as possible, before America becomes to big of a factor. For the allies, it’s the opposite situation. Russia must stall and England and America must make haste in getting to either Germany or Japan. That’s a brief overview hope it helps.

    PS. I can offer more advice if you tell me which side your playing as 😉

  • Well I get to choose which ever side I want when we start so the side I choose will be the one I feel more confident in playing with. As a beginner I do not know which would be best. I would think the axis would be a better choice due to lack of knowledge of the game and resources etc. but I could be wrong. Im leaning towards axis.

  • Well, if your new, I would honestly say stick with the allies. Your most pressing concern will be Russia. Really, all you need to do is play the defensive game, which I think would be easier for a new player. If you’re the axis, you have to make more difficult decisions and will more likely to make beginners mistakes. If you really want to be axis, then my overlaying suggestion is to destroy Russia ASAP. Here’s a good hint…build a factory on mainland China your first turn as Japan. You can then easily move into Russia with Japanese tanks. Germany should build infantry and artillery the first round, and then tanks every round after. Make sure to put your many planes to good use.

    If your allies, buy plenty of Infantry and artillery for Russia, and make sure you defend Moscow and Caucasus. Use your fighters with caution, as they will be very difficult to replace. England should be able to hold out on it’s own, so just try and annoy the Germans by building transports, fighters, and bombers to threaten Germany’s homeland (Especially Norway). America should get to Germany ASAP to force the Germans on a defensive. If you still have transports for Eastern US, invade Africa right off the bat.

    I hope this helps. Ask any more questions, and tell me how the game goes!

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