If you don't wanna attempt both UK BB in G1, which one would you leave behind?

  • I know it is not a big issue, but I just can’t help wondering.

    I read that recently a lot of folks are trying the CV 2TP buy to threat Sea Lion. Usually both sea zones are attempted and cleared in G1.
    In the few other cases, it is almost always that z111 is attempted.

    Then I begin to wonder why. z111 is the less mobile fleet, it can go nowhere out of range of German fleet, except z109. wouldn’t Axis wanna leave it behind, instead of leaving z110 to escape to z92?

    I just wonder.

  • I give it a thought exercise and come up with a sample battle order.
    It seems… not quite risky and z112 should be defensible with the CV build.

    just a reference point to go from.


  • Customizer

    One reason some people might just go after the BB in SZ 111 is because the Brits can only scramble 1 fighter to help defend making it much easier to take those ships out with less losses in German aircraft.  The BB and CA in SZ 110 however can get 3 fighters scrambled for defense.  That requires a lot more aircraft committed plus you could lose a lot of them.  If you leave them, either the British player could move them somewhere which will make Sealion a little easier for Germany or if the British player leaves them there in SZ 110, the German player could use the German BB and CA plus perhaps a couple of planes to fight them and have more planes available to actually attack England.  Odds are, if Germany is actually invading England, he won’t scramble his planes to help the fleet but keep them to defend England itself.

  • Also attacking the dd/BB combo means now UK has only 1 dd in the Atantic and Germany should have 2 stacks of Subs.  Now UK has to decide if it want’s to hit off Canada with a bunch of aircraft and ships that can never return to UK, or something else.

  • I agree with both of u.

    What I was suggesting is that German can have a good control on the fate of the uk navy, even if they leave z111 untouched.
    I am not sure how to relate that idea with a grand German strategy yet. And, well, I am looking to see, if any friend here may have a creative plan to go.

    AA, to me, is fun in mind.

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