Neutral Countries Rules in Spring 1942

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    I made a large Spring 1942 map using IL’s Neutral map.  On this map it list most neutral countries as either pro Axis or Allies.  Spain for example is listed as Pro Axis.  So my understanding is that if the allies invade Spain, essentially German infantry would pop up to defend against the Allies.  But what happens if Germany moves into Spain?  Do they become Allied troops or German troop or do they fight as neutral troops?

    Also, I assume that when ever a neutral is invaded.  The number of troops that pop-up to defend equal the value of the IPC.  Since Spain is worth 3 IPC, I assume 3 infantry defenders pop-up.

    Any clarification would be appreciated.


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    I suppose that under Spring 1942 rules, this would be a variant / house rule. It’s not normally allowed to invade neutral territories at all.

  • Yup, this is a question for Imperious Leader. Official Spring 1942 rules don’t allow for neutrals to be invaded.

  • I have to dig up the rules on that…its been years since they were made.

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    I have to dig up the rules on that…its been years since they were made.

    I would appreciate that IL.


  • I cant get to it before the weekend.

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    I cant get to it before the weekend.

    No worries.  It’s not urgent.


  • AA42 neutral rules:

    Procedure: roll ONE D6 for each IPC= consult chart below. Until you conquer the nation it is an ally of your enemy but they don’t collect IPC. Only direct occupation and conquest awards IPC to the player. Each turn these activated nations can build new units according to its own capacity ( so if its a 1 IPC area, it takes 3 turns to build one infantry) and place one unit of any type per turn.

    1= 1 infantry
    2= 1 infantry,1 artillery
    3= 2 infantry,1 artillery
    4= 2 infantry,1 artillery, 1 mech
    5= 3 infantry,1 artillery, 1 mech, 1 tank
    6= 3 infantry,1 artillery, 1 tank, 1 fighter, 1 destroyer

    Note: Sahara, Afghanistan, Mongolia, and Himalayan Territory cannot be entered by any units.

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