• Hi,

    I don’t know if this is the right board to post this, but as it seems the most read, I took my chances.

    My friends and I are currently working on adopting new rules to the game, which would incorporate new kinds of units. We will gladly post them here when they are done, but want to do some beta testing first. These rules including inventing new kinds of units (light tanks, paratroopers, oil well, supply boats, for example).

    Does anyone know where I could buy units that would fit the size of AA but which actually would be different in looks, as we don’t want to confuse them with the pre-existing AA pieces.



  • I just became aware of a game called Fortress America. Would the pieces fit?

  • Some Fortress America units might work, you could have hover tanks and APCs.  I must say Fortress America is a GREAT game for 2 players, better than Axis and Allies in fact, although after you master the game it losses its replay ability for the invaders.

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    A couple of great things from Fortress. City tokens are great. Lost mine, wish I still had 'em. The “partisans” are great for special forces / paratroops / whatever. The green is about the same as US. Paint the rest to match. Other than that, Table Tactics is good.

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    Oh yeah, one more. The Lasers look decent for radar tech!

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    Both historicalboardgaming.com and fieldmarshalgames are making compatible pieces for Axis and allies. Check out their websites.

  • Customizer

    Yeah, HBG is coming out with a set called Axis Minors that should be out next month.  You will get medium tanks, light tanks, tank destroyers, self-propelled artillery, light infantry, anti-tank infantry, armored cars, artillery, a new half-track and an alternate fighter (Fw190).  No paratroopers yet, but it won’t be long.

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    Plus Marines after that and then… who knows?

  • Fantastic! Thank you for the feedback!

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    Plus Marines after that and then… who knows?

    Neutral set!!

  • If you need some extra piece…
    I have a lot…
    I’m living in MTL so just tell me what you need…


  • The hisoricalboardgaming.com axis minor set looks really cool.  Some have proposed house rules for tank destroyers and the Stug or Hummel would be perfect for that (just like artillery but move 2 and cost 5).  You can get them in a few different colours too.

    In the interest of historical nerdiness, you could use the “light” infantry as Finland troops and the “heavy” infantry as Bulgarian troops because they have Bulgarian helmets. You could use the 38t tanks as the ones that start out in Slovakia and Romania because it was a czech tank.  You could use the panzer IIIs as the other tanks that you start the game with, and then use the OOB panthers for future tank builds.  That’s really geeky but I am ordering s set!

    I’m not sure about the other pieces (105 artillery, armoured car, halftrack, FW190) but they are fun to have I guess.

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