My Global 40

  • Starting a new Global 40 game. Using OOB setup, Alpha 2 rules, NO national objectives! Burma road is used but only artillery purchase is allowed, no additional income.

    turn 1 in progress. Germany elected Barbarossa and taking France. Normandy and Southern France were ignored. Italy will take southern France later this turn. U-boats attack British warships with mixed results. German fleet attacked Russian fleet to allow amphibious invasion. Baltic States were taken but Russia drove back the Hun on their turn. Eastern Poland is in Nazi hands. Stacks of six infantry will reinforce from Hungary and Poland.

    Japan attacked China, Russia, and continental British and French holdings. The almost the entire Japanese air arm has landed in Manchuria. The Carolines have been abandoned and the fleet is returning via the Phillipines.

    Waiting on the ANZAC turn…

  • Good nite Germany.

  • I don’t understand the point of this thread. Are you supporting a kill Russia first strategy or are you simply giving us a play by play of a game you’re playing?

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