• My friend and I are having a dispute about weather or not defending units (especially fighters) can defend against strategic bombing raids. It would make sense for fighters to be able to intercept the bombers on the raid, because they are probably flying at the same altitude, using the same tactics, ect. as they would on a normal bombing run in battle (where fighters and other units CAN intercept them). The rule book doesn’t specify weather or not fighters can defend against strategic bombing raids.

    William Wagner

  • Actually, this is a good point.

    I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately with playing Germany because of the UK’s bombing raids. UK pumps pure bombers the entire game and strat bombs Germany every turn. Russia get more income than I end up getting because of that!

  • I assume you’re talking about the original game (hence you posted here). Only AA guns can defend against Strategic Bombing Raids (p.15, under bombers: how to make a strategic bombing raid. p.20, 3rd column).

  • '19 Moderator

    In our group we’ve been considering a modified version of the AAE rule for fighter defense/ escort. All defending and or escorting air get 1 shot at a 1. This makes it possible to build up anti bombing defenses. But doesn’t completely eliminate strat bombing.

  • Fighters definitely cannot defend in a SBR. But, I think SBRs are overrated and should be avoided vs. any IC that is defended by AA guns. Think about it: your bomber will average 3 IPCs per turn, so after 5 rounds you have done 15 IPCs damage. By then, the odds are that you will lose at least one bomber - worth 15 IPCs. At best, it’s a saw-off. Plus, you run the risk of losing 2 or more bombers with bad luck.

    I have found it much more effective to use the bombers to strengthen a regular attack, when they are well protected behind the fodder of cheap INF and ARM.

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