2nd edition board with Global 1940 pieces

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    I would like to play a condensed (1942 style) version on the old 2nd edition(~1986) board but with 1940 pieces and units… Similar to what the latest 1942 version offers.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Has this been done?

    Is the map laid out differently in 2nd vs 1942, or are they identical?

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  • When we get bored with the same old game we’ll change it up and we have set up the old board with with the cards from any one of the newer ones.  The old one has less spaces, deployment can be different. Just look at the Phil. Japan owns it in one, and the U.S. in another.
      We give the money to the country who deploys there
      TRY IT  you might get hooked……enjoy!!!

  • The Revised/1942 maps are very different from the 2nd Edition one. Off the top of my head the differences are:

    • Transports off E. US can land on W. Eur on 1 turn (on Revised they are 3 spaces away)
    • You can’t move into neutrals on Revised. You also now have the impassable areas of the Shara Desert and the Himalayas, which restrict movement on Africa and Asia.
    • The Eastern front has been broken into more territories on Revised. In addition to Eastern Europe/Ukraine there’s now Belorussia, West Russia and Balkans. The IC on Karelia has been moved to Caucasus.

    Plus a lot of other minor changes. Overall, the Rev/1942 map is considered superior to 2nd Edition, because those changes add more to the game.

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    Ya  better  map. I  have  IL’s  3 x 6’  1942  map.  Awesome  with  all the  extra  room,  well  worth  it.

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    I recently went back to my older games and incorporated the newer pieces into them.  I only went as far back as Revised.  At first I thought it would simply be a matter of altering the setup some but found a few more problems:
    1 - In the older games, Destroyers were 3-3-2-12, same as Cruisers are now.  Also, Aircraft Carriers had an attack of 1, now they have no attack value.  So basically, you have to bring the costs back to the older games and you have to use the 1940 battle boards.
    2 - You can’t use air or naval bases in the older games.  Especially in Revised because there are a lot less sea zones.  For example, with a naval base, Japan and W USA are one move away from each other.
    3 - ICs and build limits also present a problem.  In the older games, you simply have ICs and their build limit is based on the IPC value of the territory they are on.  I don’t know how to incorporate Major and Minor ICs into the older games.  I simply used the new unit values with the old IC rules.

    Well, I hope this helps you.  If you would like my setup changes, let me know and I can post them for you.

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