Aircraft retreat clarification….PLEASE HELP!!

  • If an aircraft carrier has been destroyed by a submarine and has a fighter left, can the fighter move into a territory that its country controls even if said territory has been invaded?

    For Example:
    A British force invades German controlled Libya. During the same combat movement, a British submarine attacks a  German carrier off West Africa. The sea battle is fought first. The German carrier is sunk but the plane survives. Can the surviving German fighter land in Libya and take part in the battle there?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • According to Classic rules the fighter MUST land in the sea zone it’s currently in (a friendly AC with room) or a friendly island group in same sz or crash into the sea.

  • So, in other words, the aircraft can only fight in one battle per turn? It can’t land on an adjacent territory owned by its own country that is in the process of being invaded  by the enemy?

  • The fighter whose carrier is destroyed is “stranded”.  At the beginning of the noncombat move phase, before the player whose turn it is makes any movements, fighters whose carriers have been destroyed from under them or who scrambled from an airbase whose territory was captured during the combat move phase can move one space to find a landing spot (either an adjacent territory, an island in the sea zone, or a carrier in an adjoining sea zone).  If they cannot find a landing spot, they are destroyed.

    In your situation, the landing won’t happen until after the battle in the territory where you want to land has been decided.  The plane’s eventual survival depends on the outcome of the battle, but it does not take part because it is still in its original sea zone.

    Hope this helps.

  • On page 19 of the Pacific 1940 or page 21 of the Europe 1940 explains where units (air) can move to
      I think they would be destroyed. If I’m not correct I hope one of the moderators corrects me
      You were saying in classic, I’m looking at the latest version, I hope this helps

  • That does help a lot; thanks to all who responded to my questions!

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