• 1)germany

    the true route to go with the germans is a sealion attack. if you play right and win in the north sea, and the sz off of scotland, you can probably take scotland G2. this presents an interesting predicament for england, who now is faced with attacking with the many infantry they have, or defending their capital. with the transports you bought G1, you can bring more inf over to england, and advance the ones from scotland on G3, while also bringing in all of your lutwaffe. if you buy fleet on G2, you should be able to clear the english channel. now you have two options with germany. 1)use the transports that are now in england to go over to canada, and try your hardest to take america, or 2)go all-out on russia, but be ready when america comes to retake some allied land.(if you go for america, your probly gonna need to turtle on your capital for when the russians come.) (also be sure to take france and do all the other normal stuff. and be sure to land 2 fighters in So italy, so taranto cant happen.)


    Two  words: america first. J1, attack at hawaii. with even luck you will probably be able to take it, and US1, they wont be able to take it back if you put enough of your fleet there. also, make sure to take the phillipines and hong kong.
    now america will probly be focusing on using a KJF strategy, which is exactly what we want to happen. germany can go and take their capital and G5 or G6 if the russians havent slaughtered them to badly. but also, Japan needs to set up a shucking system in hawaii, so that they can reach america and help the germans out. this should take out the biggest foe(america) and allow you to reclaim territory on the mainland after all of the pacific is taken care of.


    ignore egypt. it might seem foolish, but it will eventually fall. concentrate on getting things to Gib. and TAKING it on round 1. that way you can also shuck things to america every round starting on I3. also, be sure to clear ship out of the med. and try to take three of the 4 corners( so So.l france, greece, and Gib.) there. even with america in the game this early, they have a lot on their plate to deal with. the only help theyll be getting will come from the russians, and calcutta. those are the only 2 powers that will be left.

  • J1 attack on Hawaii should easily fail to take the island. I would not scramble my planes to save that crappy navy . You only have one TT that can reach in Alpha +2 . So at best your inf and tank are up against 2inf and 2 fighters.

  • well, maybe you wouldn’t be able to take Hawaii J1, but with the trannies you built, you could definately take it J2.

  • As far as I can see Japan can only take Hawaii J2 if it attacks J1 to clear out any US blockers so it can move it’s transports it builds to Hawaii J2.  That activates the US immediantly and will also mean UK and Anzac can nab some bonuses. That is a heavy price to pay to sack Hawaii early.

  • but if you take hawaii, then you can keep shucking things to eastern usa every round, or you could use that NB to then go and get ANZAC’s land

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    I would like to know how many games you have won, as the Axis using these strategies. I would also like to know how (in general), your opponent is responding to these strategies?

  • i havent implemented any of these strategies yet because i lack a person to play with. please give feedback as to what is wrong with these, so i can fix them for when i do finally play.

  • The first thing I would recommend is to play online and get experience w/the game. You’ll learn a lot that way. #2). Don’t attack the US until at least Turn 3 or 4. Bringing the US into the war early is a BIG mistake!

  • @brado: i really need someone to instruct me in the arts of playing online. im not computer savvy at all, and i really do want to get lots of experience. like i said b4, i have no one to play with.

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    i havent implemented any of these strategies yet because i lack a person to play with. please give feedback as to what is wrong with these, so i can fix them for when i do finally play.

    You should realize that these forums are full of Sea lion threads arguing the pros and cons of one approach to the next. The first thing you should ask yourself “is Sea lion worth it”, I myself have always maintained that it is. Than you read other players experiences, stare at the board for hours and than play out your strategies with a challenging foe. I once got my clock cleaned so bad attempting Sea lion that the game only lasted three rounds, but I made one small adjustment the next time and Germany was strong late in the game. I can tell you that none of my 7 invasion attempts involved landing in Scotland first, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. As for a J1 attack on the US Hawaiian fleet, I have never attempted it nor have I seen it done. So you’re just gonna have to try it yourself. the best way to find players is to host a game at your place and invite strangers who know the game (usually by posting signs at shops or on internet meeting sites)…… good luck.

  • that sounds like a fun idea. inviting random hoboes that know stuff about a&a to come inside my abode. lol

  • Are there any local gaming conventions you can go to? Also, try playing online. The first thing you need to do is go to the Global 1940 section, click on the thread titled, “Sgt. Wonko’s map…” and download the Battlemap so you can play online. There are instructions how to do so. Then, go the section titled, “Find Players” and post that you’re looking for an opponent. You’ll get lots of responses. Once you find an opponent. You’ll go to the section titled, “Play Boardgames.” From there, click on New Topic, enter the criteria for your game(i.e. ThatOneKid(Axis) or whatever side you’re playing vs. Blah, Blah, Blah(your opponent) Axis or Allies, whatever side he or she is playing. Once the thread is created you just click on the thread to post your moves. There’s a big text box where you can type in your moves(i.e. Purchases, Combat Moves, Combat, Non Combat Moves, Builds & Collect Income Phase). Make sure to click on Additional Options, so you can select Notify Me of Replies and Return to this topic. Then you’re off and running. Once you find an opponent, they’ll walk you through the process. The Battlemap is easy to use, if you know how to use a mouse. It’s literally that simple. The hardest thing to get used to is typing out your moves. Once you get over that, it’s very easy.

    But, the Young Grasshopper is right. It’s important to read through the previous posts(yes it’s tidious) but it’s important, so you learn strategies that work and don’t work(like not attacking the US on Turn 1  😄 ). Then, you can try a few of your own.

  • With this strategy it would seem like all three Axis would be in a titanic powere struggle with the U.S. Trust me the U.S. will have enough power to keep the three Axis tied up in North America while the other allies (Soviet Union, India, and ANZAC) cripple, disable, then behead the Axis powers.

  • ok, thanks for all the feedback everyone!! maybe i need to work on my japan strategy a bit better. ive always thought that that was the hardet power to play. i do believe though that sea-lion is worth it, and you can pretty much always do it, if the dice gods dont hate you, and you play smart. thanks everybody!

  • IMHO, Japan is the hardest country to play. I agree with you…  😄

  • UK can still make taranto happend, even with 2 extra german fighters.

  • Yes but that would be costly for the Brits.

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