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    The Invasion of Italy is now ready for pre-order on These maps will be printed on a very durable banner material. These maps are as good as the ones printed on vinyl. Maps will be ready to ship July 1st.

    36x48 map w/ corrected Italian roundel: $49.95
                  w/ Faciast roundel: $59.95
                  w/ OOB italian roundel: $59.95

    48x64 maps will be made by order only, any Italian roundel: $79.95

    Here are the Rules, Setups, and Reinforcent Charts for this map.


    Setups & Reinforement charts

  • Hey All,

    Our group has gotten a chance to play several rounds of this game now and I have to say that this a GREAT GAME!!  In soo many of the games Italy gets a pretty glossed over look, whether you talk about Italy as a power or just that section of the map, but here, now, finally we have a game that really shows the scope, scale, and desperation that not only the Allies fought for, but that the Axis did as well, determined to keep Italy from being the ‘soft-underbelly’.  Special units, from Tigers to the dreaded Fallschirmjager and the good old American Airborne all are pitted together in a desperate struggle for Italy.

    We are working on a bit more detailed review to share here, but we quite enjoyed it.  It blends the classic AA style with special units, territory details, and supply correlation at a scale that is useful for it (read- makes sense) and works for play.  Patton or Smiling Albert, bring on the FMG Italy units and Italy is the battle ground!

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