Question on ipcs for UKE and UKP

  • On the setup it shows UKE as 29 and UKP as 16

    I only count 15 on the board for UKP. Also it seems west India is a part of UKE? How does this make sense?

    Am I missing anything?

  • If you don’t play Alpha +.2, then British Columbia(above Western US) is goes to UKP.

  • The original set-up out of book called for 29UKE, and 16 UKP. You are probably not counting British Columbia (Canada) w/Pac. The line was drawn where the 2 maps meet.

    The Alpha.2 set-up changed things. It awards West India (2 ipc) to UKP, and Brit Columbia (1 ipc) to UKE. This makes it 29 ipc’s for UKE, and 17 ipc’s for UKP.

    I think it was done so UK Europe could not build a minor IC in W India and produce units there.  Plus it just makes more sense to give all of Canada to Europe, and all of India to the Indian econ. This also gives the Pac side 1 extra ipc when its all said and done, helping out a relatively poor economy.

  • Thanks. I don’t know how I missed british columbia!

    Playing my first game of global. I have played many many games of AA from original, revised and AA50. Global is just amazing. Just so many options right now. The US finally has the money it deserves to fight 2 fronts which has been IMO the most needed improvement.

  • Customizer

    In Alpha +2, UK Europe starts with 28 IPCs and UK Pacific starts with 17 IPCs.

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