Who goes for Australia first with Japan?

  • As Japan, does anyone go for Australia first instead of India?  In all of my games so far, Japan makes their first priority to take out India.  I would think doing Australia first for Japan is rough since New South Wales is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far away from the homeland and that in turn puts their fleet out of position on the board.  But, what do I know, maybe it actually doesn’t.

  • the last time i played as japan i did. it wasn’t really by design, however the situation presented itself favorably so i figured why not? even being so far from the homeland, it really wasn’t a concern. i attacked J3 and had 6 transports in range to take the capitol on J4. with the naval bases i was able to relink in the phillipines in almost no time at all. Another axis win!!

  • My opponent went for Austrailia as Japan first and then sent Germany after India to try and win the game for the Axis.  It didn’t work for him but there was a window of time I was feeling the pressure.

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    I wouldn’t commit to it, when you get there you are surrounded by brits and yanks and your fleet may be cut off from the home sea zone. Not enough money down under to do it first, better to take out Calcutta while intending to head to Australia next, that way you can grab the money islands on your way. just my opinion.

  • In case of a J1 they can set foot on Australian ground right away (out of range for Australia to even do soemthing about it + creating a possible landing space for lots and lots of japanese aircrafts) and make sure the Anzac will never receive any bonus, keeping them poor and small and under permanent threat, and still be close to Calcutta.
    And from Queensland you’re in Malaya in 1 turn!

    It’s abit like the Sealion threat down under…

  • You can do this as Japan if you want but not a good idea in the beginning. There are much more easy, rich targets(i.e. DEI) to go for. If the opportunity presents itself against an inept Anzac player then go for it but in my experience and opinioin, against a decent Anzac player this is really tough to do, unless it’s later in the game and the US is totally focused on Germany and Japan has a great economy and overwhelming forces. Most good Anzac players will see this coming a mile away and prepare for it a few turns ahead of time. And which time, they kill the landing forces with their 5 or 6 FTR’s they’ve built by this time and their Inf, combined w/art.

  • Best to position your Anzac ground forces in the Sau territory, as Sau can reach all the other territories in Australia and is tough to get to.

  • @keplar:

    the last time i played as japan i did. it wasn’t really by design, however the situation presented itself favorably so i figured why not?

    I agree, I think the situation has to present itself to be favorable in order to do this and make it work.  Most of the time US is putting most of its resources in the Pacific.  Not a mainstream strategy though…gotta read the board before doing this I think.

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    Whenever Japan tries going after ANZAC in our games, at least earlier in the game, it usually spells doom for Japan.  They end up missing out on the DEI and in bad position to threaten the US Navy.  Also, the US has the opportunity to go after Japan without having to deal with the Japanese Navy, which is mostly down by Australia.  Plus, as it’s been pointed out, there is just not enough income to make it worth a major Japanese effort down there.

    Usually, if Japan is doing well, it is because India has been taken and Japan got the DEI.  Then Japan may get to Australia, depending on how much trouble the US is giving them.

  • As far as the Japan War effort is concerned Australia might as well be located on the Moon.  That is how hard it is to get the neccesary forces down there to sack the captial against a smart Allied player.  To make matters worse Australia is easily reinforced by American Fighters and can be subject to liberation by America as well.  India on the other hand is not so easily reinforced by the Allies and once it is taken over by Japan the USA is not going to be able to get down there to liberate it.

    I think it makes more sense to try and take Hawaii and India.  It is up for debate which one Japan should take first.  I think it depends on a variety of factors in choosing the first target but most scenarios will lean towards taking India first.  China can be marginalized on the way to India thus insuring the safety of the victory cities in mainland Asia.  China if not dealt with correctly can easily cost the Axis the game period.

    Taking Hawaii will be a tall order at that point but Japan will at least force the USA to heavily reinforce Hawaii which may open a window for the Axis to win in Europe.

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