• Hey have a question regarding building new major IC:s in the alpha rules.

    I dont remeber where i read it but somewhere i think i read that new major IC:s only can be built on territories that originally belongs to you.

    How does that works for the Japanese territories that originally belonged to China. “have a chinese symbol” but from start of game belong to Japan. Are they a legal target for building a new major IC?

  • No, for Japan only those with the rising sun: Korea

  • Major IC’s can be built in any territory that are worth 3 IPC’s or more. Doesn’t matter if it originally belonged to you or not. Now, if the territory has a major IC in it already, belonging to an enemy and you capture the territory. The major IC becomes a minor IC and you can’t upgrade the minor IC to a major IC. Only the original owner of the territory, if he recaptures the territory can upgrade the minor IC back to a major IC. That’s probably the rule you’re thinking of.

  • So for instance, you could build a major IC in Kiangsu or Manchuria if you wanted to as Japan.

  • You read correctly, Nightlord. You can only build major ICs for originally-owned territories, as per the Alpha +2 rules.

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    So for instance, you could build a major IC in Kiangsu or Manchuria if you wanted to as Japan.

    Kiangsu and Manchuria are Chinese territories.  Japan may begin the game occupying those territories, but they are Chinese so Japan can NOT build a Major IC there, only a Minor IC.  To build a Major IC, the territory has to be one of your original territories and worth 3 IPCs or more. 
    For example, Norway, which is worth 3 IPCs, is originally German territory so Germany could build a Major IC there.  However, if the USA captured Norway, they could only build a Minor IC there.

  • the 3 IPC value also applies to minor IC’s right?

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    Minor ICs can be built on any territory you control worth 2 IPCs or more.

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