• My question is about the U.S. and when they can declare war.  The rulebook clearly states that the first available time the U.S. can declare war on their income collecting phase of round 3, but then doesn’t say anything else.  If the U.S. fails to declare war on any axis party at that time are they then unable to make combat moves in round 4?  Seeing as how the rule states that this is when they can declare war, and the only specific rule to this effect, shouldn’t they have to wait until their collect income phase of round 4 to make such a declaration?

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    Welcome, legdog420!

    Why would they wait, and miss out on all those juicy IPCs?  I can’t think of a reason.

    At any rate, the US is eligible to declare war starting at the beginning of its third Collect Income phase.  If it fails to do so at that point, it may do so at the beginning of the Combat Move phase of any of its subsequent turns, just like everyone else.

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