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    January 2, 2012 UPDATE
    After speaking with “Coach” about the game, we have decided to offer it for free as a complete download! You get the map file, rules, and setup chart for free. If you like, as an option, you can have HBG print it on his famous vinyl for about 45 bucks. Enjoy everyone! And stay tuned for rules updates to this game in the future!

    August 23, 2011 UPDATE
    The game is ready to go and on sale now at Historical Boardgaming .com. For less than $5 you get the files emailed to you for the map, rules, and setup for the game. HBG also has all the pieces you will need to play if you don’t have them already. Thank you!

    June 30, 2011 UPDATE
    Okay, map is done and in beta testing. We should hear some comments back soon. I have asked the testers to post here with questions and comments. Here is a pic of the final map that will hopefully be offered for sale soon:

    June 17, 2011 UPDATE
    Sorry everyone, there was a weird technical issue with the last thread, so I started a new one. All future progress will be posted here.

    The final map is nearly complete. Just waiting on a few graphics before releasing the final image.

    June 13, 2011 UPDATE
    Okay, now that the map is nearly complete I wanted to share it with everyone. The blacked out areas are where the charts are going to go. This portion is not yet complete. Please give me all your feedback! Progress is still steadily moving forward, but being a bit of a perfectionist I am trying to iron out as many problems as possible before going on to the next step.

    May 20, 2011
    I have been working on a World War Three game set in 1985. The map area covers Norway to Saudi Arabia north-south, and Moscow to Paris east-west. Completely different D12 based combat system, but a D6 variant could easily be done for you D6 fans. It focuses on the conflict in Germany, southern Europe, and the Middle East. Yes, there are Nukes. Yes, there are neutral rules. Yes, I have tried to keep it KISS as much as possible without over simplification. I am trying to gauge interest for this project in the community with this poll. Please ask any questions you have so I can address them as the project moves forward. Right now, it’s still in the design stage with very little play testing done. But if I’m going to do this project, like the other successful folks here, I want to do it right.

    Thank you for your time!
    World War Three Map Beta 2.jpg

  • No offense but I think those black boxes are two big. It should go more westward too so the British isles are on the map.

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    Sorry if I missed posting this info in the other thread…

    The black boxes are where the charts are going. This pic was a preliminary version. Just waiting on a few graphics files to finish it up.

    The reason for not including more of the UK is the primary focus of the game is land and air combat. I have intentionally avoided naval combat to keep it simpler and to focus on the other aspects of the war, like tactical nuke strikes. Future advanced rules may include naval action. If the USSR and Pact invade UK in my game, NATO has long since lost by then.

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    Here is a brief Q&A from the other thread to put all the info in one place:

    De Gaulle: Do you have helicopters included in this game? If its in 1985, I think thats a must.
    Variable:   Yes I do. It is an “Air Cav” unit, which can transport marines into battle, and pairs with mechanized infantry (the basic ground unit in the game, like regular infantry in A&A).

    A few additional details…
    The units in the game are:

    Mechanized Infantry
    Air Cav
    Air Force
    Missile Defense Systems
    Tactical Nuclear Missiles

    You must purchase and distribute supplies to your troops in order to attack or move.

    You must use diplomacy to convince other countries to join you, or to keep them neutral.

    De Gaulle: That map looks nice, if not a bit squareish. What are the green countries on the board?
    Variable:  The map areas are intentionally squared off to give it a modern, fictional look since it depicts a war that never happened. It is stylized this way to give it a distinct look.

    The green countries are where US forces enter the area. NATO is grey, Pact orange, USSR brown, and neutrals are tan.

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    I have an important question to pose:

    To reduce the cost and therefore the price of the game, I need everyone’s feedback on whether you would care or not if one color set of pieces is painted a different color. The problem is there are two mould colors that are too similar ( British Tan and 2nd Ed Japanese Yellow). If I go with one of the revised colors, it would increase the number of pieces I need to purchase for everyone’s game. So, I can either pass the extra cost on to those who want to buy the whole shebang, or I can paint the yellow ones to be a different color that is easier to distinguish from tan, or leave it the way it is.


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    You should contact coachofmany and perhaps he can add the map to his site after its playtested.

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    I have actually already done this and he has agreed to carry it on his site. Ideally, I will be including a bunch of his roundels and tokens in a finished product. I also plan to do a “Mini Game” as a free download so everyone can test out the rules. I didn’t really feel that this info was ready for release yet, but since you asked…  😉 🙂

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    Final Beta Map complete.
    Rules Beta complete.
    Setup Charts Beta complete.

    Added more info to combat rules.

    Testers, please post comments below!

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    I think you should post a .png file because this jpeg is too blurry to read. .png does not present any compression loss, its like PDF.

    Also, agree that UK needs to more on the map because i suspect alot of stuff will need a space there.

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    Well the .png doesn’t fit. Please see the new product page for this on HBG on Monday! It will have more details.

    As for the size of UK, I will definitely consider adding a bit more space. I was concerned that it would make UK look too far out of place though. It cannot even be invaded in the basic rules presented so far.

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    Look for the game preview on Historical Board Gaming’s website! I’m hoping to have this ready to go around mid-August.

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    Added new info for game on sale at historical board gaming dot com.

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    Added an update to show the game is now downloadable for free on HBG.

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    I noticed a few of you have downloaded the game. As soon as you get a chance to review the material, please post your impressions here. I am not above making more changes and releasing a newer version!

  • Hallo guys, I would like to share something about this topic.

    Thank you for reading.

    I have created SITREP, The day after… It’s basically Axis and Allies in a modern setting, starting the day after 9/11.

    Modern units, a complete redesigned worldmap. It is all there.

    In this boardgame, six powers are involved.

    United States of America, United Kingdom, NATO at one side. On the other side, there are The Arab league, Russia and China.

    I spend lots and lots of time to translate the ‘real’ situation into an Axis and Allies setting and according play style.
    So far, I am very pleased and satisfied with the result.

    I have recently created a new website to share the details with other players.
    The introduction may be Dutch
    The game rules however, are written in English.

    See my website for some details, and feel free to comment.


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