• I wanted to include Vichy France in the Game more or less to have France play a larger role in Global and I wanted to get more opinions on if this is balanced or not. First If/When France is conquered by the Axis replace all surviving French Pieces with their British equivalent and they now act as if they were British pieces from the start of the game and are under the control of the British player. Germany still gets the income from capturing the French Capital as usual. Now However now the French faction is now under control of the German player and when its turn comes operates as a member of the Axis with an IPC of any territories that has no Allied troops on it. French territories now only can help and hurt France should Allies take French Territories they count as liberating it for Free France and should Axis take the territories they count as liberating it for Vichy France the only exception to the Rule is French territories on the Pacific side of the board which can be still captured by the Axis. As long as Paris is owned by the Axis then Britian gains 5 icps. Should Paris be liberated by the Allies all surviving French troops are replaced by their German equivalent and now act as German pieces and France reverts back to a Allied faction. Vichy France has no national objectives however they can help Germany completes its Objectives(example get one German ground unit in Cairo can be completed by a French piece). Feel free to ask if anything is Vague and I want to know what you guys think 😄

  • Where is the Vichy French Capitol? And can free France buy men if the can thenwhere do they place them

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    First - this belongs in house rules.

    Second - it’s not very comprehensive.  Would be nice if there were some more specific rules in this regard.

  • '10

    There are about 20 threads on this topic already.

    I recommend the following if you don’t want to upset game balance but Give France a greater role in the game


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