• Can you move a newly captured AA gun in the non-combat phase? A simple question but hard to answer.

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    I personaly think this is illegal. People do it, but I think that if the AA was in a battle it can’t move on NC.

  • @dezrtfish:

    I personaly think this is illegal. People do it, but I think that if the AA was in a battle it can’t move on NC.

    exactly. Also it has recently been acquired by the invading army and something about this also suggests that it needs to be moved on the following turn as well.

  • There is no rule directly pertaining to this. But, let’s use common sense and the rules we’ve got. An IC cannot be used by the attacker on the same turn that it is overrun. The same would go for an unused, but manned AA(in the case of no aircraft being involved in the attack.)

    Also, recall that if a unit is moved(read used here) it cannot be moved/used during the Noncombat Movement(NCM).If the AA were used in the Combat(even though used by the defender)it could not move during the NCM.

    It’s one of the risks you have to take 🙂 .

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    (Very Wet Raspberries!)

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    Well It looks like you managed to get the post anyway 😄

    ::He says getting a free post::

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    Notice the Joined date, I realy don’t post as often as some of these guys. I joined a couple days after yanny, there aren’t too many people still posting from back then.

  • I see what you mean. I’ve cruised a lot of the fora here… some posts are short and some are bickering, but then some of the bickering is long posts, too!

    From what I’ve seen most of your posts are on topic and nothing too long.

    I don’t expect to ever get 1000 posts unless I get started playing PBEM here.

    dezrtfish, you just hit 666 posts.

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