• I like a lot of these ideas, yet I think it might be best if the game was not changed so much in a “canadian variant” Like so:

    Canada would be played like UK Pacific in the Global game as in it is played on the same turn as the UK but is it’s separate economy of 7 IPC that must be spent at the Canadian IC.

    Canadian NO

    3 IPC if all Canadian territories are unconquered and London has not fallen.

    2 IPC if there are no German subs on Europe board except sea zone 113-115

    A one time 5 IPC bonus if Canada captures or liberates a European territory and holds it for at least one round.

    I’m wondering if this will leave UK too open to Sea Lion with less IPC at hand. It will have to be playtested to see. I will soon and of course this would be best if you used historicalboardgaming.com’s canadian units and control markers. 🙂 I’m ordering them now and will be using them to play at the end of the month.

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